you're sayin the fbi is gonna pay me to learn how to surf?

point break, what a great movie.
so i got a job offer last night from the church in simi valley. it's so weird to think that people actually find me responsible enough to minister to their kids. i still don't keep my room clean or my laundry from piling up and now i'm going to act as a mentor for people on a spiritual level. there's a small part of me that wants to yell 'GOTCHA!' and then go run around throwing jello at people. in reality though, i am excited to finally have a job. i was really wondering how long i was going to have to pay my dues as an intern. so as of a few weeks from now i'm going to be gainfully employed in socal, thus fulfilling a life long dream of returning home. i can smell the sweet salty air already. until that time, as of sunday @ noon, i am for the first time in my life fully free. i don't have a clue where i'm going to stay, although camping out at san clemente will probably be involved. all i know is i want to see and do everything that won't really be an option when i start work. i want to look back and say,'when i was homeless, i had all of my possessions in the back of my bronco and i lived at the beach'. sweet.
so there are a few downsides to this job, which is why i haven't given an official answer as of yet. (i always take a week to pray on serious matters so as not to make a rash decision). the biggest thing is the fact that i am a san diegan through and through. i've always wanted to live here, surf, be a padres fan, eat buenos dias or tres grindage every day, and have mine and dantheman's youth groups know each other by name. also, there's the matter of topgun girl, who i have pretty much had a crush on for six years, but have never really been around or in contact to pursue. now that it's a possibility, i'm out. dang. trying to develop something over a long distance is not something i'm looking forward too, but we'll see. fortunately, talking to her on the phone is pretty easy, no real awkward moments or anything, and her laugh is awesome to listen to. also, being a youth minister allows certain freedoms like driving the two hours it would take to see her. man, it seems like the only time i meet girls i'm really interested in is when i'm right about to move.
another interesting note about the past couple of days, is that i have all of my possessions in one location for the first time in 6 years. not really a staggering statistic or that amazing considering i was in college for five years, but still... all of my stuff in one place. the crazy thing is that everything fits in my bronco. i know broncos are big and all, but the sight of seeing pretty much everything i own in one spot is somewhat humbling. fortunately i adopted minimalism as a way of life last year, otherwise i would need a u-haul. as i was staring out at the ride yesterday with all of my stuff in it, all i could think of was,' i really hope it doesn't get stolen'. profound to say the least.
going back to topgun girl, i had another thought about some of my relationships, or interests over the past few years, and i noticed a pretty common theme of nurses and teachers. weird. i'm sure there's something there regarding the shared desire to teach children, or caring for people's overall well being, but i'm not going to really address that. i was stoked to find a pic from camp of the day that i met topgun girl. is it wrong to say she really looks that same? different hairstyle and all, and a lot more tan, but overall there's not a whole lot to say that this pic wasn't taken last week. i don't think i'm going to mention this to her, but i def am going to have to show her the pic, because there is another girl in there whose name i don't remember, and that really bugs me for some reason.

on a much lighter note, i think i'm going to make more of a personal reminder for myself here, but this is what i listened to in the past 24 hours or so:
311 greatest hits
taking back sunday- where you want to be
bob marley- redemption songs
thicker than water soundtrack
50 first dates soundtrack
donovan frankenreiter ep
311- transistor
dogwood - matt aragon
everyday sunday
beach boys- pet sounds

oh yeah, street scene is this weekend, and tomorrow i'm going with topgun girl. sweet action.

one love, one heart.

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