a diamond in the rough

that's the name of the sixth grade yearbook that was recently found at my parents house. man, 1991-1992 may be my favorite school year ever. it was the only year that my best friend dantheman and i ever went to the same school, and i hung out at his house every day afterwards till my mom would pick me up. the school was pretty ghetto, and i found the picture of the kid that once shot someone at school. ironically the shooter's name was lucky. weird. i remember feeling on top of the worked in sixth grade. the only downer was that i tore my acl playing football in p.e., and had to spend six weeks on crutches. sidenote: dan's sister's were supposed to pick us up everyday after school when i was on crutches, and i can vividly recall having to crutch to dan's house, uphill, across on of the busiest streets in san diego, several times. thirteen years later and i still remind them of that every once in a while.

sixth grade was such a pivotal year for several reasons:
a: i had my first 'girlfriend', even though we never went anywhere outside of school. let's just say i bought her a bunch of chocolate stuff throughout the year.
b: my first time to ditch school came when mom picked me and dantheman up early one day to go see the first showing of Wayne's World in san diego. my commitment to academic excellence was shattered by a simple 'shyeaaah'
c: Boyz n Da Hood came out, beginning a still standing tradition of wearing my pants below my underwear line, or sagging.
d. my first pair of actual reebok pumps, as opposed to the payless (getmadefunof) brand.
e. it was the one year that overalls were in style, and I'M BRINGING THEM BACK IN 04!
f. i heard my first 'yo mama' joke

anyways, i love looking through old yearbooks to try and remember faces and names, but mostly too look at what people wrote. seriously, whoever thought of signing yearbooks? the only thing i can see as a positive, is that the signatures help me remember who i was friends with, probably. i can think of a few names that are missing, and i know some of the kids that signed i don't like. fortunately i had the foresight to underline names of people that i was friends with. man was i on top of my game. i know this is just a random post of sorts, but it's always good to have a reminder to go look up old pics from the past. before i go here's a few of my favorite classic quotes from my sixth grade yearbook:

'roses are red, dandelions are yellow, if you lose a food stamp, i'll bet you feel mellow'
-david hoch

'stay cool and have a great summer'
-everyone else

one love, one heart.

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