only a surreal day could get me to start this...

so here i go, i feel like i'm merging onto the 805 by joining the millions with their own blogs, but i def rationalize this by assuming that this will be better than any other attempts at journaling. so i still do not have a job, insurance or even an idea of where i'm going to be living next month. freedom is not as fun as i expected. here i am weeks away from not having any responsibility, and then it hits me that bills and such are going to catch up to me pretty soon. i wonder how they will find me if i dont have an address?
i'm not really in a bad mood, which is when i normally write, but i'm just having one of those surrreal days. i was driving to the bank today and i made the mistake of wondering about where all these people on the freeway are going. for my friends back in the midwest, dallas traffic at rush hour is pretty standard out here, except we move at 70 mph. back to the point, looking at all these people and wondering really gets me in a spin. not really sure why, it just does. this is why i keep my blinds closed at the church office where i'm interning. staring out at all of the people that drive by puts into perspective how many people i have to minister to. that's always a humbling thought that will put you in your place.
today was surreal for another reason. i had a date last night that went really well, and i'm doing the typical 'when should i call' thing today. def dont want to do anything to jeopardize a second date, but there is that akward feeling today. oh well, i'm prob worrying about nothing. i've noticed something though... the stress over asking a girl out is in direct proportion to how good looking she is. i recognize that could be construed as pretty harsh, but the reality is the more attractive a female is, the harder it is (normally) to just walk up and talk to her. i'm sure someone out there can back this up, if not, more power to you. either way, she's really attractive and she laughs at my jokes, which i s always a good start. also, the first time i met her was probably the smoothest thing i've ever done. that was six years ago and she still remembers so i guess it couldn't have been all bad (think topgun bar scene).
well, it's that time of day where i go eat some of san diego's finest mexican food. one of the joy's of my internship is working at a church that shares a parking lot with buenos dias california. not only does it have the greatest name of any taco stand, but the best rolled tacos in s.d.

one love, one heart.

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Barefoot in Memphis said...

Welcome to the world of blogging DJ! You are one my only friends who stuck by me all 5 yrs. in college & I love you for that! It's so awesome hearing about your life on the west coast. Good luck w/ the job, the girl & the authentic Mexican food. Keep the blogs coming!