another 48 hours....

well it's not just a great movie from the 80's, it's probably been up there as the sweetest two days i've ever had. to start off, I HAVE A JOB! i accepted the offer at simi valley on saturday. i was going to take a week to really think and pray on it, but God came through and made the decision obvious, kind of like having a big bright neon arrow pointing me there. thanks again God, when you make things this obvious it really makes it easy to trust you more. wow, so as of the 17th of september i am going to be an official working man. so what am i doing until then? enjoying being homeless, jobless, and w/o responsibility. i'm sure you will be able to find me camping out in the bronco at san onofre very frequently in the next few weeks.
right now i am home for the week to visit mom and pops. it's going to be a long week, but i feel like a conquering hero coming home. the best part is that now that i have a job, my visiting grandparents probably aren't going to give me a hard time. that part is still to come. either way, mom gave me a big hug and pops was visibly excited to see me, which is always a sweet part of coming home. the house is actually clean, and i don't really have anything planned but to spend some quality time with the folks, blow some cash and watch entirely too much late night tv. basically i am going to act 12 as long as i can. this is the closest thing i have ever had to total freedom and i am choosing to spend it acting 12, am i really ready for youth ministry? well, all the people at my parent's church were excited, i think it makes them happy to see one of the kids from the youth group actually move away from home and make their own life. they're an eclectic group of people, but man if i don't love coming home to see them, even if i do get enough old lady hugs that i come home smelling like the nordstrom's counter. oh well, a small price to pay to know you're loved.
that leads me to the next thing i've been dwelling on for exactly 48 hours at this point. topgun girl went to street scene with me on friday and she calle dme at 2 am to let me know she got home safely, because she thought i would be concerned. as i posted last time, i actually really was, but the fact that she thought that really has me wondering where we are at as far as a relationship goes. yeah i know i should be talking to her about this, but seeing my thoughts on screen really helps sort things out. so bear with me. the odd part came tonite at church when people started asking the 'so when are you getting married' question now that the 'so you have a job yet' question has been answered. i slipped to a few people that me and topgun girl were dating, just for simplicity, but i definitely haven't cleared that with her. it's just too lame trying to sit there and explain that we've gone out several times and i try and talk to her almost every day. when i did take the time to give a full (and honest) answer people just looked confused. doesn't anyone else remember feeling awkward at this point of a relationship? why pry? actually, the more i think about it the more i realize it's just me. there really is no way for people to find out i guess. oh well, i should probably worry more about topgun girl than people asking about her. so i called her up tonite because she left her id with me the other day, and i had to overnight fedex it to her. anyways, we were talking about coming home and the questions that arise, and we both have that awkward phase right now. i told her about the 'want to see you again' phase. talk about a big worm hanging out on the line. she laughed because she thought it was clever and could relate, but i don't really tink we talked about us being an us. lame. i hope i didn't miss a big chance there. we'll see. i don't think i'm going to make it very long w/o calling her, and i know i have anexcuse when i get a new phone in the next couple of days. this should be a lot of fun, trying to see if we can build something over a long distance. i'm in for it, we'll see what topgun girl thinks. this is almost as bad as waiting to hear back about the job. more to come as the story develops...
so street scene ended last night, and i have to say i had a great time going solo. the idiot's in charge only had two entrances open so i missed donovan frankenreiter, but g love tore it up, the marley bros. were unreal (even though they only did three bob songs) and jack johnson was brilliant as usual. it's cool to see him bring g love and donovan on stage because you know those guys are truly good friends, and it really comes across when they jam together. what a life, surfing and jamming together. mad props go out to the jack j fans as well, a pretty mellow crowd considering the size, but there were still a few people that were bugging because they 'deserved' to be up front and didn't mind running over me and other mellow people to get there. lame to you guys. and to top it all off, topgun girl called right as it was getting over and we talked about nothing til i made it on the trolley. needless to say it was the end to a perfect evening. i wish she didn't have to get up to go to work in the morning, but such is life, as i have the fortune of experiencing in a few weeks. till then it's family time, crashing on the friends couch time, and camping at san onofre.
one love, one heart.


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