speaking of lists.....

so our country is fascinated by lists. i hope the letterman writer who came up with the idea of the 'top ten' list should be given some kind of nobel prize for the chain reaction that has been set off. so i was thinking of fun lists i could make, but for the sake of simplicity, i'm going to start off with just a few basic ones....

my top ten favorite songs
10. down -311
9. ohh ahh - grits
8. rudy can't fail - clash
7. fall line - jack johnson
6. deville - strung out
5. my name is mud - primus
4. ruby soho - rancid
3. ball and chain - social distortion
2. ring of fire - johnny cash
1. three little birds -bob marley

that was simple enough, how about something more difficult

top ten ideas for movie characters

10. someone trying to get out of their 15 minutes of fame
9. a guy trying to open up an ethnic hair care store in montana
8. a stadium peanut vendor
7. inspector #8 from my last pair of levi's
6. a doorman
5. a crazy blind guy that travels across country by bus listening to the radio wherever he goes and eating bbq
4. proffesional hackey sacker
3. a guy that looks like cedric the entertainer, and has to keep trying to convince people that he's not famous
2. the backup singer/ rythym guitarist for a cover band that plays at the mall on fridays
1. a hot-dog-on-a-stick employee

hmmm.... those were kind of fun, and def more challenging that i though they would be. more to come later i'm sure. one love, one heart.

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