"We're Americans, with a capital 'A', You know what that means? That means that our forefathers were kicked out of every decent country in the world."

hola blogworld.

I'm on day 31 of no soda and the only difference I can tell is that I'm tired in the afternoon and feel cheap at restaurants.

I'm currently trying to go through and rate all of my music in iTunes. This may not seem like a big deal to most, but when you've got almost 20,000 songs it becomes a bit of a task. So far i've got about 19% of my music rated. It has been fun going back and rediscovering some old tunes. In the past week alone I've gone back and listened to all of my Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Skindred, NIckel Creek and Pearl Jam. I've also discovered there is music on my iTunes that I don't recall ever owning; Duran Duran, David Bowie (Labyrinth soundtrack), Neurosis, and James Taylor.

I was in Target the other day and noticed that the aisles for toys, sporting goods and electronics were all right next to each other. I guess when you graduate from one to other they don't want you to get lost.

Does anybody else read more than one book at a time? I'll start like three books at once and rotate through depending on the day. Right now I'm reading Band of Brothers, Chasing Daylight, and Lead Like Jesus.

Yet another...
A few weeks back I was hanging out at the coffee shop by the office chillin with the baristas pretending to be working. Anyways, we got into a pretty cool discussion about church and after a while it ended up being just me and baristachica. The discussion turned to flirting after a little while, which is awkward enough, but still cool. So we're talking, I crack a joke, she laughs and farts. Unfortunately she was sitting on a wooden chair which doesn't exactly absorb sound. Needless to say she was pretty embarrassed, but I assured her she would fit in just fine with my family. Now every time I go in to chill everyone laughs and she gets red.

Happy 40th Birthday to:

Pualy Shore


My friend djliz got me hooked on the 365 Project this past year, and it's been a blast. This year she started a new 365 project with 'Stripes' as the theme. At first I thought she meant the Bill Murray movie from back in the day. Fortunately she's focused on finding stripes in everyday moments, and creating a sweet gallery in the process. check it out:

I'd like to get a decent camera. Any suggestions?

Mi Hermana.

I always call her Shar. Back in the day when she was little it was Sharah, and over time it got shortened a little, and then when clueless came out it was cemented. Anyways, the other night i was chatting with her and accidently called her shat. I'm still laughing at that.

Should just be called 'cuts'.

Guitar Center.
Have you ever gone to a music store and asked to check out a guitar, only to have the employee start off on a five minute metal solo to show you 'what the guitar can do'? Any time that happens to me, I ask them to join my band. If they seem interested I tell them i'm in an Spice Girls tribute band and we need a Sporty spice.

Speaking of customer service, if you ever want to get the attention of store employees, walk around with a clipboard. Look around, and pretend like you're taking notes.

I finally found the Padres cap I was looking for:

next up is the 90's astros cap.

I wonder if this has happened to anyone else. All of your friends hype up a movie that you don't see until months, maybe years later, then when you go to talk about the movie everyone looks at you like, "why are you talking about Sixth Sense"?

Indian Food.
Still not a fan.

Gold Stars.
Should be handed out at the office.

Army Surplus Store...
T Shirts are the most comfortable shirts I've ever owned. At $4 a pop they're a really good investment if you're in the need of some decent shirts. The fact that they are logo-free is also a plus.

14 years ago

We moved to Seattle.

I think that's it for the rant stuff, be sure to check out some of the new links I've posted.

one love, one heart.


Jesus and the 'Angles'.

"Quick. Describe yourself in one word..."

What seems like a simple question can sometimes be very difficult to answer. Some people are fortunate enough to have a quick response, while others really struggle with this seemingly inane question.

A few years ago I become one of the millions of people that have joined a social networking site (Facebook is my preference). One of the toughest parts for me was filling out the 'About Me' section, because I have this little space to create a blurb to sum up who I am. So much pressure! After perusing through some of my friends' pages, I noticed how many of my friends never really captured their personality in their blurb. But really, how well can you describe yourself in a few words?

There's another phenomenon that has sprouted up online, especially on social networking sites like Facebook or Myspace, that has been dubbed 'the angles'. This occurs when the person in the photo (usually self-taken) is only able to capture a portion of their face or body at some extreme angle, leaving the viewer with only a partial picture.

I wonder if we do the same thing with Jesus?

In our age of media soundbites and 'about me' sections, do we look at Jesus trying to simplify Him into something pocket-sized, easy to digest, and - dare I say - understandable?

The Jesus portrayed in the Bible has depth that mankind is still trying to grasp. For 2,000 years we have been studying what He said, what He did, and looking to HIm for guidance. If mankind is around for another 2,000 years, I'm sure it will be more of the same. So while we really have no choice but to study Jesus in parts, it is important that we don't limit Him to one specific word.

Let's look at some scripture to see some of the dangers of only looking at Jesus from one angle. We'll do so by looking at a few of the claims of Jesus.

1. An answer to prophecy.
Matt 5:17, 14:33, 16:16
Mark 14:21
Luke 24:44
John 20:9

2. Son of Man
Matt 8:20, 20:18, 25:31
Mark 8:31, 14:41
Luke 6:22, 21:36
John 1:51, 12:23

3. Son of God
Matt 11:27, 27:43
Mark 14:61
Luke 8:28
John 1:18, 17:1

4. The Messiah/Christ
Matt 23:9, 26:63
Mark 8:29
Luke 24:25
John 4:25

5. Teacher
Matt 26:18
John 13:13

6. Lord
Mark 5:19
John 20:28

7. Savior
Luke 19:10
John 3:17, 10:9

If we try to describe Jesus with just one of these seven aspects, we miss out on the complete picture. If Jesus was just a man, we lose sight of the fact that He is God as well. If Jesus was just a teacher, then we could easily skip over the fact that His life was described to us hundreds of years before He walked. Why is this dangerous? If we become so focused on Jesus as a savior, we can easily look past all of the things that He taught. The same man who graciously sacrificed Himself on a cross is the same man that was adamant about following God's law.

Popular culture likes to take Jesus and turn Him into a soundbite, or - more offensively - quote Him when it is beneficial to an argument. Let us be people that study the whole story. Let us be people that seek to find new depths to Jesus every day. Let us be people that add more and more to our picture of Jesus every time we call His name.

one love, one heart.


I think I can sum up the show for you with one word: nothing.

scattered thoughts from the past few days:

1. No soda for a year. Just to see if I can.
2. Pray for 5 different facebook friends everyday.

Sublime Moment of the Day
I decided to take the long way home tonight and ended up in downtown watching planes land.

I want to get a new Chargers jersey, but I'm having trouble deciding which one would be ideal. The choices are:
#4 Farve
#17 Friesz
#9 McMahon
#19 Unitas
#16 Leaf
#1 Manning

Out of the ordinary.
Do you ever have a day where you're not really into any of your typical music so you throw in some destiny's child or 80's arena rock and just rock out?

Celebrity birthdays for 1/7/09
Nicholas Cage 45
David Caruso 53
Sammo Hung 57
Erin Gray 59
Ray Bailey 30
Screech 32
Katie Couric 52
Kenny Loggins 61
Doug E. Doug timeless

Other 1/7 highlights:
The first U.S. presidential election was held in 1789.
The Harlem Globetrotters played their first game in 1927.

There are not enough trees on God's green earth to print the money it would take to get me to do this, but man if these guys aren't crazy cool.

Ann Coulter is just crazy. She needs a hug. And a burger.

Bromance has replaced 'celebreality' as the number one word that should not exist.

Death Cab for Cutie is great music for sitting out on the porch at night looking out over la mesa.

The Bible is a great read on a quiet evening. or any evening.

Catching up with old friends is always fun. whether its checking out a facebook page, a late night chat, or grabbing a bite to eat.

Honey Nut Cheerios make a great late night snack.

Playing Guitar is a great way to chill at the end of a long day.

later blogworld.

one love, one heart.



Hola Blogworld. me and hardcore contributed to sleeveface yesterday. Hopefully these will be on sometime soon.

one love, one heart.


Best of...

hola blogworld. it's the end of the year which means two things: 1)people are making lists of stuff that happened over the past year, and B) award season is upon us. I'd like to combine the two for the first annual 'Golden Tamale Awards'. the votes have been tallied (meaning i ran them by the cuz) and the results are in, so go put on your favorite tux or evening dress because these awards are nothing if not chalk full of class. here we go:

winners of the Golden Tamale will be designated by the *

comeback player of the year:
josh hamilton
britney spears
oprah's chins
brett favre

best newcomer:
Hank Steinbrenner
Alaskan Politics*
ugly christmas sweater parties
zac luben

best hair:
the governor from chicago*

vice song of the year:
umbrella - rhianna
single ladies (put a ring on it) - beyonce
low - who cares
paper planes* - m.i.a.
whatever you like - t.i.

athlete of the year:
michael phelps
ussein bolt*
brett favre
todd palin

best glasses:
sarah palin/tina fey
joe madden*
kanye west
the guy at the bass pro outlet

website of the year:
sexy people
the hero factory
stuff white people like

word of the year:

joe of the year:
the plumber*

tv show of the year:
the office
big bang theory
knight rider
rob and big

political moment of the year:
bill clinton eating crow
jesse jackson crying*

physical therapy term of the year:
proprioceptiive neuromuscular facilitation
motor moron*
anterior cruciate ligament

worst movie:
27 dresses
shoot em up
avp 2
there will be blood

best place i've visited:
bass pro shop
plymouth rock

you're still around? award:
Jesse Jackson
Prop 8*
tom cruise

shun of the year:
farve to the packers
red sox to manny
ed hochuli to the chargers*
raider nation
blue ray to hd dvd

disappearing act:
Obama's tax cuts
joker's pencil
$4 a gallon*
rolled tacos

best day of the year:

beverage of the year:
mt dew
dublin dr. pepper
big red*
crunk juice

stuff i've heard about, but have no clue what's going on there:
hannah montana*
jonas brothers
college basketball

speech of the year:
obama's acceptance speech
mccain's concession speech
ozzie guillen
jeter's last game at yankee stadium*
everything michael scott said

office season 5 moment:
jan singing
michael/holly/daryl road trip
kevin isn't retarded
let's get physical*
the tall guy got engaged

number of the year:

album of the year:
angels & airwaves / i-empire
bedouin soundclash / street gospels
beck / modern guilt
jack johnson / sleep through the static
the alchemy index 3& 4 / thrice*

movie of the year:
bedtime stories
iron man
dark knight*
kung fu panda
forbidden kingdom

that's all for this year.
one love, one heart.