twice in one day, i may be addicted. or i'm just tired.

oh yeah, i saw this thing on someone else's blog, and since i've had over 2,000 hits on my blog i'd kinda like to know who's reading this. so if you don't mind, please let me know who you are and where you're from, and maybe something interesting about your town.

also, i started posting some of my artwork on another blog, so feel free to check out my stuff at dversion.blogspot.com or go to my profile and click on the dversion link at the bottom of the page.

one love, one heart.


Carrie said...

Hey DJ!!

I'm glad you had fun in Houston... which is where I'm from currently! It is hot and humid here and in fact, they announced today that we are the 7th sweatiest city in the U.S. Which is actually pretty good because a few years ago we were first!!

lindsy said...

Well I'm glad to see that my blog is giving you inspiration!
I live in Edmond, OK...yeah didn't move far after graduation. This isn't a fun fact about Edmond but my neighbor is the preacher at Edmond CofC!

Eric said...

Well bro, you know I read, I'm in Edmond too but you know Texas will always be home to me. Not many fun facts about the part of West Texas that I'm from that don't have to do with farming, so I'll save you the boredom I didn't save Lindsy and just say I'm proud of where I come from.