peanut butter and jelly in one container and no clean up, does life get any better? i submit that it can not. -brian regan

just a few random thoughts on my mind...
my sister sent me a copy of 'captivating', the female counterpart to 'wild at heart'. yikes, i need to apologize to a lot of females that i know. actually, probably all of them.
i was in our apt complex office the other day to drop off our rent and complain about the fact that our ac hasn't been looked at since we put in a request a month ago. i walk into the office and there are two desks, one of which has a lady showing brochures to a potential renter. the other guy asks me what i need, and i mention that the cuz and i had forgot to pay our rent on the first and had the checks in hand (this was the 6/2). anyways, he gladly accepts the checks and in a voice clearly audible enough for the potential customer to hear, he informs me that we are fine paying on the second, and that we have three days to pay the rent. (something not made known to us when we first signed on, and has caused several stressed out times of trying to get the check in before the office closes. yes, we have paid our rent on time every month.) anyways, on to my second request. i mention that our ac was not working and i had put a request in several weeks ago for it to be fixed. he looks over at the potential customer then puts his hand on my shoulder and says, 'why don't we go talk about this in the front room?'. i tell him its not a big deal, i just want it fixed. he then asks me again to go to the front room, so i make the comment, 'it's okay. we can talk in front of [potential customer], just please get somebody to come and fix our ac. thanks.' nice try, but the guy checking out the apts is going to figure out the apts aren't exactly a sparkling piece of sunshine when he moves in, and i'm not going to go have some long drawn out conversation about it in the 'other room'.
so i took my computer in to the apple store last week to get the screen fixed. this is the one and only problem i've had with my computer so it's not really a big deal. anyways, i get to the store and i realize that the official job title for the guys that fix my computer is 'mac genius'. no joke, these guys have genius written on their business cards. now i love macs and all, and i consider myself somewhat of an elitist for owning one, but genius as a job description? if you were a genius you wouldn't be working at a store in the mall, and you could figure out that nobody wants to have to deal with pretentiousness when getting the computer fixed. anyways, i couldn't resist the urge to keep calling these guys by their job title, so phrases like, 'excuse me genius, could you print out my calendar?' and 'excuse me genius, how can i upgrade my warranty?' were used. the other customers chuckled, evidently they were making some observations about the job title before i got there.
ffwd to me at my fave hawaiian bbq spot down the street for lunch yesterday. i'm in there enough that i know most of the people that work there, including the girl that works the counter during the afternoons. nice girl, but totally lacking self confidence. from what i've gathered she used to party in high school and barely graduated. she couldn't afford a state school, and pretty much gave up, but is now trying to earn money for college. so i'm waiting for my order, and these guys that are ordering keep referring to her as 'register girl'. now i'm not the most keen of observers, but i thought that these guys were being incredibly condescending to her, and i looked over and the smile that she normally has to force out is completely gone, and her voice is barely audible when she gives them their receipt. i don't know where this came from, but i tapped the guy on the shoulder and said, 'her name is [enter her name here]'. it was amazing the look that came across both of their faces. her eyes were wide with shock, and this guy was pretty embarrassed realizing what a tool he had been. i'm not really writing this down to brag, but i think it's important that i make a point that: a. i'm not always a smart alec as i was in the above paragraphs and b. our speech can be so demeaning. this girl has been through so much, and has had to learn life lessons the hard way, and just when it looks like she has a glimmer of confidence this guy comes with his comment. so after he went to his seat i made sure that i told her that God has a specific purpose for her life, and she's much more than the girl that works the register, no matter what she's done in the past. she knows i work at the church, so i offered out an invite. i don't know if she'll ever show, but we'll see.
on a lighter note, i've decided to save up my money for a couple of things. mi hermana is doing a semester studying abroad at oxford next fall, and i got cleared to go visit her for thanksgiving. i'm stoked. not only will i get to hang out with my sister, but i get to travel overseas. so if anyone has ever been to england nows the time to start sending in your advice for stuff to see or do. my only idea so far is to see the original globe theater where shakespeare first premiered his works. my other savings goal is to redo my office. i know i've only been here for a few months, but i've got change my surroundings. my office has this nasty purple old lady carpet that drives my allergies nuts, so i'm going to put in some pergo flooring i think. anyways, i need cool ideas for stuff to put in my office. anything goes, just know that one whole wall in my office are shelves that can't be moved.
cool furniture here i come.
well, it's getting to be dinner time, and the fish tacos at rubios are calling my name.
one love, one heart.


Anonymous said...

WTF? You rip on the dude but give the chick a break?? Talk about two faced. I wish someone would have busted on you when you were treating someone else like dirt.

grow up.

Anonymous said...

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