Go with God?.... I always travel first class. -H.M. Murdock

mmm.... free therapy...
i don't know what it is about blogging for me, but i love the release just sitting down to write brings.
today is weird though because i'm not on my computer, i'm using lawdog's laptop, because the mighty mac has been sent to the shop. actually, that would be the theme for the week. so my computer started acting all weird the other day, which is the first issue that i've had since i've owned it, so i had to take it in to the apple store. long story short, i should get it back in a week with all of my files and 9000 songs intact. its just frustrating when things don't simply work like they should. move onto the truck. it's time for an oil change, tire rotation and overall look under the hood just to make sure things are going as they should, and then this morning it took a while to start, and at some point i guess the battery wasn't working because my clock reset. neither one of these things are a huge deal, but the fact that they happen within days of each other just gets frustrating. add to that my paycheck was a week late and hasn't cleared yet with my bank and i'm starting to stress a little. needless to say i've been listening to marley all afternoon.
what else... i sealed the deal with dantheman the other day and i'm getting his snowboard, boots, bindings and bag with my birthday money. the rest i'm saving for my next couple of lift tix. (there mom, all of the money is going to snowboarding stuff) i'm pretty stoked though, because i already know how the stuff works, and that it all fits and i like the way the board rides. so anybody that is looking for a vacation out to cali come on out and lets go slide on some snow.
what else.. we're switching over our small groups study from a discussion group to a praise and worship time for the summer. so i get to try my hat on as a songleader. God's going to have to bless this cause there's no way it's going to be any good if' i'm the one in charge. yeah, keep me in your prayers. i've been practicing singing though the past few days. if you want a good laugh, sneak upstairs to my office and just listen for a while to me singing to myself.
i made it through the whole month of may w/o any soda which was quite the accomplishment. i had a soda yesterday for lunch and it really didn't taste all that great, so i think my plan to unnatach a pepsi can from my hand has worked. i'll prob still drink sodas every once in a while, but i can't see drinking as much as i was before. this whole challenge thing has been pretty cool though, the kiddos def got into it. we had kids giving up tv, video games, soda, junk food, chocolate, talking, sarcasm... and replacing it with prayer, compliments, hugs and who knows what else. of all the things we've talked about since i've been here the whole commitment thing has seen the biggest result. who'd of thought? anyways, i've got a challenge down for june, the cuz has come up with a workout for me to do every morning. more details on how that goes later. i really like this idea of challenging myself to something new every month. some of the thoughts for future months are; vegetariansim, hour of prayer every day, no tv, a book a week, who knows. feel free to respond with any ideas or suggestions. the crazier the better.
oh yeah, one of the kiddos and i came up with a great phrase the other day, 'bathroom clarity'. meaning that clarity and focus you get when you really have to go to the bathroom and there is nothing else that occupies your mind. there could be little green men coming out of the sky and you wouldn't even care because all you can think about is getting to the restroom. i think it's a great way to illustrate that idea, so we've introduced that as a term in our youth ministry.
either a lot of people are reading my bill, or i just tapped into something big with my whole california should be split into two states idea. i was at my fave hawaiian bbq place the other day and i heard some guys talking about how lame nocal is, and how it should be another state. hmmm... sounds familiar. one guy made the argument that if we split the state in two, neither one would be very big. i understand the concern, but if we're not the biggest state, or even the biggest in the continual 48, then its really not that big of a deal. i'm just tired of being from the same state as the oakland raiders.
what else... i rearranged my room and did some spring cleaning yesterday. i'm down to the last of my old kappa shirts, which is sorta bittersweet, but then i remember i haven't been in kappa for a while, and those shirts mostly have dates on them, which isn't good when its 05, and your shirt says 02. yeah, it was time for those to go.
oh yeah, i'm currently putting my 'before i turn 30' goals together. after the success of my 'before i turn 25' goals, i thought it would be fun to do it again. so far on my list i have:
visit my ancestors in norway
travel to at least three continents
learn to ride a motorcycle
perform an original song live
publish a book
show my artwork in a gallery
visit yankee stadium
grind a rail on my snowboard
hang ten
record an original cd
go to a red carpet event

i'm open for ideas and suggestions on this one too....

well, i'm onto other things. just wanted to say hey.
oh yeah, hannibal's words of wisdom has been changed to 'the A-team's words of wisdom'. either way, here you go. "My size? My size is the amount of space I fill up. Thanks for asking." - Murdock


Eric said...

poor misguided Cal fan, when will the Pac 10 (minus USC for fear of retaliation from Dan) realize they're not such a great football conference after all. dude to this day i still use your "northern californa should secede" line with ppl i meet from there. And no worries bout ridin with the hawk, I have a clean shaven head right now with a pretty nice gotee, so I think I'll look the part, hope things are goin well.

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