happy birthday little stizz!

oh man, where to begin...
today was amazing, and its only lunchtime. some friends from the church here had their first child today, noah matthew stump. i was fortunate enough to stop by the hospital as noah's mom got to hold him for the first time. noah's dad prob would have held him too, but he was floating somewhere around the ceiling tiles and i guess there's an issue with babies and heights. man, i can't even begin to describe how blessed i feel to be there on the day of a baby's birth. what an amazing gift from God. i'm speechless. so today is a great day, one of those days that throws everything else into perspective... makes you want to sing, pray, jump around... whatever you can. a great reminder of God, HIs love, His power, and His glory.
so the details... noah matthew stump was born to matt and erin stump at 8:05 tues april 12th. he weighed 7 lbs. 1 oz. and was 19 inches tall.
oh yeah, his first birthday present was a baseball from his uncle d.j. hehe, matt said i officially reserved an uncle status with that gift. i just want to do my part to help raise the kid right. whatever, the stump's are good people, which makes it really cool to see them have a kid. kinda like you know that the kid has a head start already. there's a lot to be said for being born into a church family. hmmm, good simile there. anyways, today's a day when it's easy to praise God, hard to not believe that life is a miracle, grown men cry, important things are important, and everything else takes a back seat. not that noah's parents are going to bother to look up today, but it's a gorgeous afternoon as well.

Dear God, i praise you for your glory. it's so easy to see clearly on days like today. thank you. i praise you for the birth of noah matthew. i pray that his life will always be a testament of your power and glory. i praise you for matt and erin, that they will continue to follow you and your will. i thank you for blessing them with a beautiful, healthy baby boy. give matt and erin the wisdom to raise noah in a way that brings glory and honor to your name. give them rest when they need it, and the strength and love that they are going to need. praise your holy name Lord. through your son i pray. amen.

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faith said...

haha, i saw little noah on tuesday too! unfortunately, i didnt have a gift as cool as yours. :/