B.A. Baracus: Gimme a cup of coffee! Diner Clerk: How do you want it? B.A. Baracus: In a cup, fool!

i was talking to nascar, one of the youth ministers i worked with in tulsa for a while today, and we were laughing at some of the things you notice as you grow up.
when i was a kid i hated tomatoes and most other vegetables. i was at the deli today and i had the guy putting tomatoes, onions, pepperchinis etc on my sandwich. seriously it was a salad in between slices of bread. weird, i used to hate tomatoes, and now i can't get enough of them.
also, i always thought paying bills would be this gigantic mess that would be impossible to deal with. i always wondered how i would manage. it's easy, they send you papers, and you mail them back a check. the only thing that is complicated is making sure that the check you get exceeds the checks you write. i always imagined what it would be like to have a full time salary and manage to pay all of my bills, now i wonder how i managed to pay bills before i got a job.
i can hear my mom and everyone else over the age of 29* saying to themselves 'that's part of growing up'.

that, and while lawdog was out for a ministers lunch, i had to answer the phones at the church which always leads towards some interesting conversations (see previous post). we had a lady call today updating information for a national church directory. it's weird to think that my name is going to be in a national publication (along with thousands of other people). not a huge deal, but one of those things that always trips me out. kinda like this blog, i put this up more of a journal for myself, and i went and added this site counter update and got an email that like 60 people a day check this. weird. i know of only two people who respond, and my mom would if she knew how to set up an account (don't worry mi madre, most moms don't even know what a blog is, much less read their kids' blogs).

speaking of, if you're reading this, please respond. just interested in who you are.

well, after some much needed talking to the amigos and doing grown-up stuff, i think its time to go play. and by play i mean get my calendar together for may. to go play in the hay, by the bay, i just may.... ahhh, nothing like a happy gilmore quote to finish with.

one love, one heart.

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CyberKnight said...

I love tomatoes! :)

Hey DJ, it's Chris, just letting you know I read your blog!