Carl Spackler: He's on his final hole. He's about 455 yards away, he's gonna hit about a 2 iron I think.

do not ever wear a padres hat to a dodgers home game!
or a giants hat... or yankees... or any other team for that matter. so after pulling a few 12+ hour days last week i decided to call dantheman and ronald up for some golf and baseball. golf was less embarassing than normal. i only lost a few balls, threw only one club, had just one circle eight, no sandtraps, and even managed to pull off a couple of pars. still not breaking one hundred though. anyways, we decided to go golfing in burbank because we were going to the padres/ dodgers game on friday night. as i'm walking into the cheap seats in right field i realize that i've got on my old school pads cap and brown jacket on, and i stick out like a sore thumb. not a good thing. dodger fans, esp the ones in the cheap seats, aren't exactly the most understanding of sports fans. (a lot of these guys are raider fans as well.... enough said). so i'm starting to get a little on edge, because even the security guards are giving me bad looks. one guy asked me if i was intending on starting a fight. so we get to our seats, and i'm trying to stay low key, which works until about the third inning when i mistakenly turn around to check out the score board, and the four vatos behind me yell out to the rest of section 312 'hey, this guy's wearing a padres hat!' i haven't had that many people boo me since i last tried to tell a joke at a kappa meeting. it really didn't help that the padres couldn't hit a ball out of the infield either. needless to say, i kept my mouth shut as much as a i could, not really looking to start anything with the vatos behind me, much less the whole dodger stadium. my saving grace was a guy that had a miami heat shaq jersey that kept taunting the crowd about the lakers not making the playoffs. it's been a while since i've sized someone up for a fight, but the cuz and dantheman were doing the same thing. not that we would really be able to take these guys, or the whole crowd, for that matter, just an odd feeling that i haven't had to experience in a while. i had a family from the church take me to the game again on saturday night, needles to say i didn't wear anything with the padres logo on it. i'm not a sell out fan, but when your life, or general well being may be in jeopardy, there's a time to not really yell for your team. or just don't go to dodger games. i think i'm going to call the angels my home team. but hey, the dodger dogs were really good...
sunday i got to split sermon time with our preacher, so that was a little stressful too. not nearly as stressful as fearing for your safety, but i did have a couple of dodger fans boo me when i made a joke about the craziness at the game. that's great, people booing a guy during a sermon. way to make a great impression of dodger fans. anyways, it was really cool splitting the sermon because the elders and our preacher asked me to give our whole church the charge that youth have taken to be more faithful and bold in our ministry. we unveiled the new logo for the youth and asked the congregation to join us in our ministry. may not sound like much, but it's a big deal when the church asks the youth ministry to spearhead a charge for the whole church. lot of cool stuff going on churchwise as of late. i've taken over reconstructing our website, and creating a new mission idea for the whole church. kinda fun, def going to keep me busy.
sunday night i went out with surferchica for a while. we ended up at leo carrillo's watching the end of a surfing tournament. not a bad date, but one of those where you realize you are better off as friends. not really a whole lot in common between the two of us, so why force it. i think we both figured out we should just have fun hanging out. that, and she's gonna help me surfing, so we don't want to break any instructor / instructee protocal.

other random thoughts....
matisyahu is the musician of the day. hassidic reggae. check it out.

the cuz and i have declared may apt health month. we're gonna give eating healthy and not drinking and sodas or sugar based drinks a try for whole month. prepare for us to be in a bad mood. oh yeah, be careful when you watch the movie 'supersize me', it's got some pretty crazy stuff in it, just crazy enough to get you to try eating healthy for a whole month. actually, i think the only way that i can get through a whole month is by giving it a spiritual basis... something like 'the body as a temple', or 'getting rid of things that have control of your life'... who knows. i'll be sure to post an update.

i actually heard some pretty decent discussion from two political types from opposing parties that actually made sense. they both were talking about how neither side would concede anything to the other side. for example, the republicans that still won't admit that the seven minutes that pres. bush took to respond to the news that our country was under attack was seven minutes too long, or how the democrats refuse to admit that president clinton was a terrible foreign policy leader for our country. hmmmm... compromising for the good of the country.... sounds like what the forefathers were looking for.

it's amazing what a little paint and a couple of new couches will do for a youth room.

debate of the day/ odds of likeliness
what to do with my tax return?
new surfboard/ wetsuit 2-1
snowboard 3-1
get rid of the nastiness that is the carpet in my office and put in some hardwood floors 3-1
trip to the midwest to see friends/ family 5-1
trip to nyc to see yankee stadium 20-1
pay off a large portion of a certain debt 4-1
visit the virgin records megastore 64-1
flat-screen tv 32-1

we'll see when the check gets in. with health month coming up i've got the surfboard as the favorite. i'm still open for other ideas too.

nursegirl called yesterday, and we got to talking about when the next time both of us had a free day off to go out. yeah, camp in june is it. nothing like being busy all of the time.

so i give ikea props for providing cheap cool furniture for the youth room, however i do not approve of ikea stuff as necessary for the home. unless you want your place to look like everyone else's.

i actually found a reality show i like. the contender. boxing on primetime, you can't get much better than that.

well, there's a new hawaiian restaurant down the street that's calling my name.

one love, one heart.

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