Dude, if they're all stuck together then it only counts as one nacho

i may not live the most exciting life, but i would def not call mine normal.
someone pulled a pretty good prank on me and signed me up for an online dating service. i checked an old email account i had forgotten about and had over thirty emails from women interested in meeting me. not necessarily a bad thing, but they were all in oklahoma, into horses and country music, and over the age of thirty. needless to say i was cracking up all morning reading some of the profiles. whoever signed me up said i was into country music, liked to go line dancing, a huge sooners fan and i have a thing for strippers. my personal goals were to become a male model and or sing in a country music band. oh yeah, and i drive trucks for a living. fortunately whoever set up the account used my old nickname in college as a password so i could go in and fix my profile. so i changed it to the cuz's profile and signed him up for the dating service. i guess the only thing to do when you are pranked like that is to pass it on. mad props to whoever got me though, when i find out who you are there will def be retributions.
so last friday i went to nursegirl's sorority banquet down in santa monica. like i predicted it was not the fun kind of awkward that i normally enjoy. i was early, she ran late, did the whole pictures thing for a while then went to a really nice hotel ballroom down in santa monica. the saving grace for the night was that a former intern from park plaza was there, and we got to hang out all night and talk about kiddos from tulsa. nursegirl was pretty preoccupied with doing all of the senior stuff, which is cool, i just felt like a goof being that guy that is out of college going to a college banquet. whatever, call it a favor for a friend. after hanging around some her crew i could see why she was into asking someone from outside of the normal social circle. we're still on good terms and all that, she just owes me a huge favor.
me and the cuz went hiking yesterday up along the southern ridge of simi. man, talk about a great hobby. i think i may actually invest in some hiking shoes and make this a weekly thing. yesterday at the top of the hill we may as well have been in the colorado foothills, except we could see the ocean. we took some pics, and as soon as i remember to bring the camera to work i'll try and post some up.

other things on my mind as of late...
there really aren't a whole lot of decent looking church websites. i'm redesigning ours right now, and after having done some research i'm realizing that there really isn't any middle ground in church web design. kinda sad, christian art used to be the sistine chapel, now we take a picture of our buildings and parking lots and call it a day. oh yeah, my goal for the new church site is to not have one picture of a building on the whole site.

don't order nachos at a restaurant unless you are sure they are going to put cheese on the bottom chips.

i think customer service should be taught in schools instead of home ec., esp to those that don't think they are going to college. the curriculum would cover things like: 'making change',' you're being paid to be courteous to people', 'service+attitude=tip', 'please don't drop my stuff', and 'yes... i am going to pay with a card'. i'd like to thank the local fast food scene for giving me that idea.

it is impossible for any female between 6 and 29 to end any public statement without yelling, 'woooo!' at the end. the trl effect on public speaking has got to go. i can see now why carson daly is such a mental case.

one of my kids said they would make the effort to stop saying 'wooo' and just say 'fresh'. good idea.

speaking of random, i went to a b-day party for one of the kiddos last night. God knew not to give me a job with boring or normal kids. at one point during the evening's festivities one of the kids who thought it would be fun to wrestle ended up on the floor being fed ice cream from a spoon about three feet from his face.

support my favorite band bodacious lc and buy their stuff @ www.cafepress.com/bodaciouslc

only in california... will you see an old white guy in shorts and a cowboy boots, shirt hat etc... driving a a beat up el camino lowered with 20 inch chrome rims

getting deals on cars may not be my forte, but buying clothing accessories may be. i got a new pair of sunglasses last week discounted because they didn't have the case they came in. yesterday i bought a watch i've been looking at for a while for half off because it had a scratch on the underside of the casing. and a couple of weeks ago i got a new pair of sandals for less than cost because they didn't have a price tag and were in the wrong section.

i can find a tie-dyed astros rug for an RV, but i can't find one of their navy/ orange star hats anywhere online.

well, time to get back to work.
one love, one heart.


JDGolfer said...

Hey brother it was great to hear from you! I was thinking about you the other day because "the cars that go boom" song came on and it took me back to the good ole el patioso days! That had to be my favorite year in college, it was so awesome. Anyhow... good to see all is well with you and hear that you're still going strong with the Lord, I never doubted you brother, take care! -- Anthony

lindsy said...

Ok so that prank was pretty stinkin funny! That reminded me of all the times I pranked Chris Billings and Chris Helling! Just so you know I had nothing to do with your prank...even though I wish I would have thought of it, pretty good!

Carrie said...

DJ -

If you give me your address I will send you one of those hats. Marilee and I go to the games quite frequently and their all over the place here. Plus I would be happy for anyone to be cheering for the "good guys".

Eric said...

dude, I updated...not just for you, but for me AND you.

milfcritic said...

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