Kids, say hello to your new kid sister. -Tim Taylor

so it appears my streak of lame rides is over. i bought a used tahoe today and even better than the leather interior is knowing that i am not going to have to worry about breaking down on the 210 with a carfull of jr high kiddos. nice. i've never really put a dollar amount to that type of comfort, but the sales staff of the dealership was very helpful in that dept. fortunately that price was well below what others pay for that comfort so i feel good about it. gotta love the church connections. ahhhh, it's just a nice feeling having a new ride. i'd put it right between that great feeling you get when your neck cracks and the astros making the playoffs.

so that's the big news for today. new truck, leather interior, nice system (meaning no discman to tape converter), 3 inch lift, aftermarket rims, tires, grill and exhaust. oh yeah, and it's clean and even smells like a new car.

in the other stuff dept...

i watched the comedy central roast of jeff foxworthy the other night and actually laughed at some blue collar jokes. the best was jeff foxworthy ragging on larry the cable guy saying, "Git-er-done is latin for i don't have a punchline".

i'm a big fan of identifying the worst things to possibly say at a given moment. i.e. bringing up e coli every time we go to jack in the box. that being said...the cuz got a call last night from his pops saying they had to put his dog down after a long battle with a tumor. the cuz was pretty shook up and needed a laugh. we got back to the apt after softball and both felt like watching a movie, so i empathized and kindly suggested that we watch old yeller. gotta love making yourself laugh. i'm just glad the cuz laughed too.

jack johnson and ben harper make for the best rainy day tunes.

well, i'm off to go drive my tahoe (which will be named later, cuz i told the kids they could help come up with ideas) and drive through puddles and get it dirty so i can go wash it at lenny dykstra's car was.

one love, one heart.

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