I don't care what undercover rock you crawled out from, there's a dress code for detectives in Robbery-Homicide. -Joe Friday

just a few things that ran across my mind at some point today...

i saw a guy today wearing a white dress shirt with huge yellow pit stains and no t-shirt underneath. just plain wrong. i'm no fashion expert but i can't imagine that's something that would go unnoticed. take the money you're saving on undershirts and spend it on buying a new dress shirt.

my local mexican dive always cracks me up. every time i order they tell me about how long my food is going to take, and to 'help yourself to our free salsa bar'. this cracks me up because they make an extra effort to mention this, like i wouldn't be able to tell by the fact that it is unmanned and across the restaurant. seriously, if someone has to ask if the salsa at the salsa bar is free, they probably should be charged.

lastly, now that i actually have a car with a remote lock, i'm trying to use it on everything. i've had the car for two days and i can't keep track of how many times i've gone for the remote lock for my office or apartment door. i wonder how hard those things would be to install....

i can't watch tv anymore. at least not anything that has news or sports. so, its pretty much the ps2 for a while. the only baseball they talk about on espn revolves around steroids. in no way shape or form am i a proponent of steroids, but there's also very little likeliness that being bigger is going to help you read the ball better out of the pitchers hand, or swing the bat quick enough to where it's going to make a significant difference. at best, steroids would help a player intimidate other players (until they talked in a squeaky voice).

on a more serious note...

the other thing that's bothering me on tv is this whole terry schiavo case. ask me where i differ from most republicans and this is it. what makes me mad is that her and her family are being taken advantage of by both sides of the argument. neither side is allowing her to die in peace. as far as my opinion goes, i think when it's somebody's time to go, it's there time to go. all of these people out protesting in front of her house are really making me upset, esp the christians who claim that this is murder. fifty years ago she would have never made it this far, and we would have said she died of natural causes. now people want to stick all kinds of foreign materials into her and prolong a life that in any other time would have never reached this point. ecclesiastes comes to mind, when it reads, "a time to be born and a time to die... a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance... a time to embrace and a time to refrain..." i think God calls us to embrace our time pass on, without fear, but with an outlook of joy. as far as a legal precedent goes, every time i've been to a wedding there is a part of the ceremony where the parents give their daughter away. this is symbolic of giving her husband the responsibility for her care.

so my prayers are for the whole schiavo family, that she may truly rest in peace, and that the entire family is allowed to mourn the way they need to, and allowed to move on in a way that brings them closer to God.

this may sound somewhat harsh, but having a father who is terminal has forced me to look to scripture and reach mature christian decision on euthanasia. my dad is at a point where any meds or treatments he takes are not going to help, in fact they would just make his time here more painful and prolong that increased suffering. not a decision that anyone looks forward to making, but there is a peace in knowing that my dad has lived a christian life. will i mourn for him? absolutely. will i miss him? without a doubt. will i be glad that he went out smiling? no question. will i move on? yes. will i expect to see him when my time comes? hehe, the thought brings a smile to my face and a tear to my eye.

dear God, i pray right now for those who do not know how to mourn. i pray for those that are so scared of death because they are not able to come to grips with the reality that we were not meant to live forever. we get so focused on ourselves, that when our time comes we refuse to admit our own mortality. i pray that those in suffering may have comfort in your presence. i pray for those that remain behind to look to your word and example. i can't even imagine how mary must have felt losing her son, and i know she wept, and i know she was comforted in knowing what happened was part of a greater plan. i pray for my family, that when our time comes that we truly embrace the time to mourn, and the time to be comforted. i pray that your spirit will be throughout the schiavo case, and allow the family to peacefully celebrate one of your creations. i pray for forgiveness in the arrogance we have in assuming that life here is better than the kingdom you have prepared for us. i thank you God for your Son who died for me. I thank you Lord that you know what it fells like to be separated from those you love, and to look forward to the time that you can be reunited. Lord, i know that Jesus was not looking forward to death, but did embrace it as a part of his life. i'm thankful that he mourned for his friend who died, and took the burden of his sins for himself. God, i ask that i in some way, shape or form can truly embrace the way that Christ approached death. through HIm i pray. Amen.

well, the kiddos are here. i'm out.

one love, one heart.

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