John McClane: I was always kinda' partial to Roy Rogers actually. I really dig those sequined shirts.

tuesdays are my mondays. we had our 'staff meeting' today which somehow ran into lunch time. seriously, so far today i've woke up, worked out, ate, talked with lawdog and some folks that are hanging out at the church and then went and got a quick bite for lunch. it's days like this that i feel guilty, like i'm not really doing anything, then end up working till 11 or so at night. at least i don't have to wear a tie. i'm not complaining, i just keep thinking to myself how different my days are from other people's. the cuz pointed this out the other day when he was talking to my uncle the other day when he said that 'you never know what d.j.s schedule is going to be like, it's not really nine to five, or one day off one day on, it's just really random.

since it's been a while, here is: top ten things i've noticed lately about being a bachelor.
10. i watch more bruce willis movies than most people.
9. i care more about beating my high score in darts than i do that the dartboard is in our hallway at the apt and there's no way we're getting our deposit back.
8. vintage tools make better wall decorations than paintings.
7. church league softball is in desperate need of some d2 love.
6. you could literally divide our fridge into four equal parts: pizza, meat, salsa and pepsi.
5. the people at the local tico's tacos, sports chalet, batting cages, driving range, and the deli dept of albertsons all know me by name.
4. you only need three cups: a giant one for soda, a mug for coffee and another when you don't feel like washing those two.
3. $150 is our breaking point on groceries. anything over that and we don't have room in our fridge.
2. bruises are a badge of honor and should be treated with a manner of pride, not covered up with gauze.
1. i have no need or desire to watch any sitcoms. my entertainment involves one of more of these things: a ball, a team, a guitar, a spy, a war, a motorcycle, tools, women/children/countries in need of rescue, monosyllabic heroes, breaking/blowing something up, a board, wheels, sweat, and three stooges.

mr rogers on being a bachelor:
"I was a bachelor for, oh about a year and a half. That doesn't mean I got married when I was a year and a half old but I mean, you know, when I was living alone in New York for about a year and a half."

other stuff...
i'm boycotting the post office. not the whole postal service, just the station here on the west side of simi. since i've moved here we have had several instances of bills not making it on-time. i've had one check lost in the mail, and we've had several packages dropped over our porch wall. we've already filed complaints with the proper authorities. a few weeks ago the cuz ordered some shoes and a jacket out of a sporting goods catalog. we check the delivery status on usps.com and it says the package has been delivered. one problem, we have no package at the apt. so the cuz calls the post office and their official response is 'we don't know where it is'. so the cuz tells the company that their package was lost by the station so they send him a replacement (which got here in two days) for free and say they'll take on the post office for the cuz. in the meantime, i get a note that says there is an oversized envelope waiting for me at the station that requires my signature to pick up. the flier is checked that the letter is a. at the post office, and b. available for pickup after 9 am. easy enough. evidently not for the mickey mouse club running the post office here in simi. i run by the post office in-between my kiddos games on saturday to pick up my letter. no dice. they don't know where it is. that's a great thing to hear when you're expecting a check and information concerning your social security information. so ask to talk to the manager, because this is unacceptable. he says that the letter may be out with the postman again. i pointed out two things to him. 1. he needs to be sure about the location either way. this guessing thing doesn't really cut it when people are trusting you with their information. 2. the note says it is at the post office and available for pickup after 9am, and it was 345 at the time. he tells me to come back after 5 (which i later found out is when they close) to check and see again, because that was after 9 am. i tried explaining that 345 was also after 9am, and if it was going to be available after 5 then that should have been written. no apology, no maybe we made a mistake, instead he's raising his voice and getting frustrated with me. i explained to him that 99% wasn't acceptable when people rely on you to transport money and information. then i reminded him that things like this were why email was invented, so that people didn't have to rely on a failing system of delivery. i think i even said i was going to email his boss. needless to say i'm all about fed ex and ups from here on out.

playstation is taking over in our apt. i'm at a rate of a season per week in ncaa05. at least i made coach of the year and took sdsu to the championship. oh yeah, every season i give my freshmen names based off of groups of people i know. one season it was 80's rappers, another was kappa, this season i'm going with girls i knew in college. needless to say this afforded some great laughter at deciding what i was going to name my tight ends and fullbacks.

now i'm on a mission to freak out the people that live in my apt complex. we have a lady upstairs who is already nuts and nothing i can do will ever freak her out. but across from us, and in the apt above that are owned by a software company who have waaaaay to many indian guys living there. not that i have anything against indians, but they have at least 6 in each apt, which is way over what could possibly be comfortable. they rotate in every year or so from what i've heard, and they all work together, go on shopping trips together, and you never see them in groups of less than 4. that, and they never cook or clean for themselves. at least 3 or 4 times a week i see ladies coming in to clean their apt and cook dinner for them. it's really weird. so i make sure every time i rock out on guitar, or watch, boyz n the hood, or 3 stooges to turn the volume up loud enough and rock out so that when they look in our window (which they always seem to do) i'm doing something different. that'll give them something to write home about. that, and i've come to a point where i'm about ready to cook them dinner one night so we can have a break from the curry smell that dominates the air every night. no joking, every night our place smells like curry. i'm never eating anything with curry again. whatever, none of them drive so we use their parking space so i probably shouldn't complain.

i love socal. at one time i was eating sushi, drinking mexican soda, and smelling curry from the neighbors. oh yeah, it was sunset over the palm trees and i was going to skate later.

one of those little things that makes a great day is when you hear a song you love but didn't know you had. this happens a lot now that i have all of my music in one place.

this weekend we went to see the cuz's bosses daughter play in a high school girls softball tournament. those chicas are tough. i stood behind the backstop trying to gauge how much time they had to swing. yeah, we all (the group of guys/parents watching the game) came to the consensus that we would be lucky to foul off half of the pitches that came across the plate. mad props to the camarillo girls softball for coming in 2nd in the tourney and just being able to get a bat on the ball against one of the meanest pitchers i've ever seen.

you gotta love baseball fans, esp yankee fans. i'm fortunate enough to live in a county that is home to the CIF baseball champs, little world series champs and countless pro prospects. so i have a feeling that i'm going to be at quite a few games this year. anyways, i had all of these people coming up to me and giving me grief about wearing a yankees hat, but right off the bat i had support from a couple of fellow yankee fans to ward them off. we know our stats! so back off. you're just jealous of the pinstripes. the highlights of the whole yankee debate had to be meeting a mom from the bronx who only got louder when someone admitted they were a braves fan. the best though, was when the cuz's bosses' son mentioned something about skipping school to watch the opening series of the yankees vs. red sox. i told him i'd come pick him up from school myself at lunch. that's my kind of ministry.

well, lunch break is over. one love, one heart.


Carrie said...


I share your feelings on curry. Living in Houston, I have my share of the curry smell in my apartment. It really does take over the whole building. Hope you're doing well!!

-Carrie (aka Chili)

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