why wasn't i watching alias sooner?

man i've missed this therapy.
things aren't really bad right now, it's just a lot tougher getting this youth ministry started up than i thought. i think i could handle the youth ministry if that was all that was going on, but you throw car troubles, moving, constantly thinking about topgun girl and a few other things in the mix and all of the sudden things are hectic. let's just say with the rain outside it's what my roomate juaner would call a 'surreal day', and then we'd cruise around and listen to pink floyd.
on a personal level, i can't stop thinking about topgun girl, even though we haven't talked in a week. anytime i do have to think about her she's at work, or i'm busy and can't call. i have a feeling that flame has been fizzled out. prob not a good thing, but options are limited when i'm working almost every night.
i'm still spending money on the truck too. fortunately the radiator guy saved me about $200 yesterday. now all that is left is the column, the muffler, the smog check, then taking care of the expired tags. yeah, that one could bite me in the butt. fortunately, a review of my finances says i should be able to afford an Xterra or something like that pretty soon. we'll see how that goes.
me and the cuz have the apt looking pretty decent, although we aren't getting cable until later today, which means we've had to go to sports bars every night of the playoffs so far. check that. the cuz has gone to sports bars every night for the playoffs. i join him when i can. as far as the apt, there's something really nice about not having to worry about your room being clean, or all of your stuff put away in your bathroom unless someone is coming over. tonight and tomorrow night i've got kiddos coming over, so there's my excuse to clean. most importantly, i'm sticking to my minimilistic principles and getting rid of as much as i can constantly.
youth ministry was going to be tough but fun. i can see the fun part coming up quickly, it's just a matter of getting all this other stuff out of the way. right now it's a real struggle trying to remember that whole 'rome wasn't built in a day' mentality. the big thing is trying to find a balance between rolling with the kids' readiness to have fun and still getting things set up so that they are spiritually ready to grow. yeah, i can't wait for this thing to get going either.
other personal news... i got to go to my first usc home game the other day and it was absolutely unreal. the coliseum was packed, and there was just as much excitement there as any big 12 game, w/o all of the unnecessary stuff that drove me nuts living in ok. first, there were no flags on cars. only in oklahoma would three bumper stickers, a magnet, and a license plate holder not be enough to let the world know you were an ou fan, you had to put these stupid little plastic flags on your car. (when i say oklahomans, i obviously don't mean all of them, there were oklahoma state fans there too.) that was the difference at usc, just as many fans, just as much tailgating, just no overdone cars. oh yeah, and it was sunny.
that leads me to my next observation about california. you have to have a pair of decent sunglasses out here. it's not really a style thing, (well, not completely) it's more of a necessity thing. you don't go anywhere w/o seeing people wearing sunglasses. even the homeless guys around here wear sunglasses. it's pretty funny. it's been raining the past few days, and is still pretty overcast, but everyone on the freeway yesterday was still wearing their shades. guess that's the trade off for living in the golden state.
shades are one of the requirements for living here. following closely is the possession of a hooded sweatshirt. not sure why, buy every sweatshirt out here has a hood on it. i don't complain, i grew up with hoodies, and didn't really know sweatshirts came w/o them until i moved to ok. next, you have to have a shortcut for getting everywhere. the bank, dodger stadium, it doesn't matter. there are several ways to get everywhere around here. lastly, you have to know about some little hole-in-the-wall mexican restaraunt that you can tell your friends about. that's how they advertise. if you really like your place then you take your friends there so the place can stay in business. the cuz is halfway there, but he sees the need for a hoodie and some new shades, so its really a matter of finding the time to go. now if he'll just get those texas plates off of his truck...
other random sidenote: i actually took a day off on monday and stayed in the whole day and watched the entire third season of alias. man, i'm hooked.
well, my fuagazi cd is almost done and i'm supposed to meet the cable guy in a few minutes at the apt so i guess i'm out.
one love, one heart.

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