bob: why is there tape on your nose? dignan: exactly.

i guess this would be as good a place as any to put down some random thoughts.

rap music is in for a big change. rims are the rap equivalent to big hair of 80's metal. throwback jerseys are the equivalent to shredded jeans. what happened to heavy metal was that it go so far removed from the culture that created it with the big hair, pink stretch pants etc, that it totally isolated the musicians from the people. that's why nirvana hit big, they looked like the exact opposite from everyone else that was popular, and they were grounded enough that the songs they were singing hit home. poison had no clue what the people that were buying their records were dealing with, and when you put an 'unskinny bop' on your album, it's time for change. this brings me to lil john and the new crew of rappers. i hesitate calling them rappers because i've listened to their music and i've yet to hear them actually rap. flavor flav from public enemy even had a few rhymes back in the day, even though he was a hype man that was more known for his 'yyyyeaaahhhh booyyyyyyyyyyyyy' than his rymes. even then, he was working with chuck d, one of the great lyricists of our time. ugh. that's why i listen to christian rap. these guys are so under the radar, they don't have to stoop to the 'rims tricks and ho's' stuff that haunts the airwaves today. i guarantee when vh1 does their 'i love the 2000's' airs in a few years there will be a nice two minute section for lil john.

i think it would be fun to be an extra in a zombie movie.

there are a lot of shows out right now making over people's lives. from your house, to your clothes, your hair, even your car. stuff? a) every house/haircut/outfit/car ends up looking pretty similar. 2) why can't i get on one of these shows and get some free stuff.

the red sox b(r)ought in curt schilling to win the world series. hmm, sounds like they have become the evil empire. ironic. all that time they were complaining about the yankees buying championship teams, they were building up the second largest payroll in baseball.

nothing says boston red sox like the phrase 'cowboy up'.

topgun girl saw my print of 'old man and guitar' in my apt and asked me if i painted it. i laughed and explained that it was a picasso piece, but appreciated the compliment.

a few weeks earlier i mentioned to her she needed to do something for herself, to go all out for a day and do something that was unnecessary and involved pampering. my best suggestion at the time was something like a day spa or glamour shots.

i'm glad i'm not smooth.

i love awkward moments. like when your date farts outside and then it trails in the car, but you don't want to say anything to embarass her, but you both smell it.

i have never bought a wig, but somehow i managed to end up with seven by the time i was done with college.

a couple of summers in college i worked on a landscaping crew back in seattle. i was the only white guy on the crew. my first day i showed up to the site late because i had to fill out paperwork. the boss drove me to the site and showed me what to do. i was ready to quit my job by lunch the first day trying to keep up with the guys on the crew. the next day i showed up, and one of the guys figured out that i wasn't the bosses son. that was the easiest day ever. they would bring some sod down, have a cerveza, shovel a little bit, cerveza.... you get the point.
i had to learn some spanish so i could communicate with these guys. one day i repeated a phrase to my boss, and he informed me that i couldn't say that if i went to church. these guys had a pretty good laugh. i had a good laugh a few weeks alter when they asked me how to say cerveza in english. i told them 'cerveza es milk'. a couple of weeks later i had a better laugh when these guys had gone to an english speaking bar looking to order a drink.

90% of youth ministers are overweight, have a gotee, receding hairline, play guitar, golf, bet on poker, and wear polo shirts.

if i could have anyone play me in a movie it would be jack black.
my dad would be bruce willis.
mom... the mom off of malcom in the middle
my sister would be the girl from princess diaries.

japanimation used to be really cool, now it's just creepy.

the best dates i have ever been on were the ones that i didn't spend a dime on. although, that had nothing to do with them being good.

there is something fun about being dressed up in a suit and tie. only for about three hours though. after that it's time to get back to shorts and a t-shirt.

why are ties fashionable? all they are is a piece of fabric tied around your neck. i think it's a sign that 'the man' has got his hold on you.

shaving your head is a last resort. be sure to check for any odd shapes before you do so. that, and make sure not to shave your head at the end of summer when your face is all tan and your head is going to be pale. it looks like you're wearing a helmet.

speaking of helmet, old ladies crack me up with their helmet hair.

weren't we supposed to have flying cars by now?

despite all the innovation they have made with toothbrushes, you still have plastic bristles on some sort of plastic handle.

what drove the first person to look at a pig and say 'i want to eat that'?

i like see what girls look like early in the morning. i think it's a better gauge of what they truly look like, and where their priorities are.

you gotta love girls that look good in baseball caps.

guys shirts always look better on girls. this also goes for jackets and sweaters.

it would take me about almost exactly a month to listen to all of my cds and mp3s.

well, i think i've rambled on enough. more stories and random thoughts to come later, i'm sure.
one love, one heart.

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