robots are everywhere, and they eat old people's medicine for fuel.

Ugh. I don’t want to hear a thing from any cubs or red sox fans. Being an astros fan is worse, we just don’t get to gripe about it as much because it hasn’t been ingrained in our culture like other teams. Needless to say, the cuz and I are doing what we can to not think about the astros losing tonight. I’m just glad I had the youth group over for a devo, otherwise I would have pulled a ‘derelict’ (yet another former roomate) and punched a whole in the apt wall. Ugh. This is lame. I feel like I’m two steps away from watching a wnba game. Well, not that far... So these past few days have been pretty up and down. The astros and yankees both lost. That hurt. Both of those losses. I’m naming my first ulcer after dan miceli, the astros pitcher that should have been keeping score from home.
Actually, I guess that’s all that has been pretty lame. We started our jr and sr high bible studies the past two nights, and I think they are going pretty well for a start. The kids are really energetic and seem to be into our talks. It’s kind of cool having my own place to invite people over. And, surprising to most of my roomates and my family, our place is pretty much always clean, except for the few hours at a time when I have laundry on the floor. Juaner and the rest of the fellas from 214 wouldn’t believe it if they saw it.
As far as personal stuff goes, simi valley continues to feel more and more like home. I think having the cuz as a roomate really helps out with that. I bought a few cds today for the first time in a while. Today was sort of one of those spending sprees that I really shouldn’t have, and am grateful for the fact that best buy is pretty far away. Either way, here are the cds I bought and a mini review:
yeah, this may be the closest thing to pantera I have ever owned. These guys are right up the middle metalcore, which is exactly what I shouldn’t be listening to driving down the 101. Yeah, it’s that good.
Napoleon dynamite soundtrack:
so this may be the best comedy to come out in a long time. I’ts like hanging out with your nerdy friends for 90 minutes, and one of my fave parts was the soundtrack. The 80's music alon would have been enough, but they throw in a bunch of quotes from the movie to double the track listing. Heck yes! This one put me in a great mood today, and was def what I needed to hear after listening to my other purchase.
Sharlock poems: in God we trust
sharlock poems is from l.a. symphony, the best rap group no one has ever heard of. Why? They’re christian. Actually, the show pimp my ride uses a lot of their beats as background music. Regardless, christian rap is the best underground music out there right now, and it’s only going to get better. Because they don’t have to conform to the ‘rap’ that hits big today, they have creative license to explore new sounds and do their own thing. Unfortunately, I don’t see anyone giving them respect simply because they are christian. Lame, but it keeps the shows cheap and the cds more creative.
What else... I am still customizing my apt. last night I finally fixed my shower curtain issue. The whole clear plastic wasn’t working for me, I’m not really scared of the cuz walking in or anything, but there’s still something creepy about having nothing between you and the outside world when it comes to showering. So I took mine and got some black spraypaint and painted a giant black rubber duck on mine. My shower this morning was great. And I think this may be spurring on a creative streak that may result in a few paintings for the apt. sweet, its about time I did some original artwork again.
I think my guitar playing may be picking up too. I feel like I am playing faster and more precise lately. This should be fun when I get my own mac and can start recording my own tunes. Yeah, this could be one of those things that becomes an expensive hobby...sweet.
Oh yeah, another interesting sidenote, I met the mom from the partridge family today before our youth minister’s lunch. I was waiting outside for the restaurant for it to open and she came up and we actually got to talk for a few minutes. In my effort to not be ‘one of those people’ I didn’t say anything about her being famous, except for the fact the manager opened up the doors early for her, let me in, and I kinda winked at her and said thanks. I think she knew that I knew she was famous, but was really nice and approachable. Either way, that’s three celebrity run-ins in just over a month. At this rate I’ll be starring alongside tempest bledsoe in a lifetime channel movie in no time.
One more thing, when you’re on the freeway, the on ramp is used to accelerate to 65mph. I think I’m going to put a sign on the 405/101 interchange. Either that or I’m going to get a bb gun and start taking out mirrors on bmws that don’t’ know how to merge onto a socal freeway.
Well, before I start to go postal and start rambling... one love, one heart.

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