Confessions of a Wrestler.

Things that should have tipped off me and brohymm that we were in the wrong theater when we went to watch The Wrestler last night:

1. The lack of men in the theater.
2. The preview for the Hannah Montana movie.
3. The light, bubbly music as the movie started.
4. The opening monologue with a cheery voice.

Yeah, so as soon as we saw the words 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' appear onscreen we booked it out of the theater and managed to find our theater just in time to see the preview for T4.

By the way, to the ticket taker at the AMC in Mission Valley, it's second theater on the left, not the first.

Oh yeah, The Wrestler was really good. Not a kid friendly movie by any means, but good none the less.

one love, one heart.


OK Chick said...

Well, I haven't seen CofS. I've been wanting to see it. I wish you would have stayed in, then you could have told me your opinion. HA! I've never heard of The Wrestler, but I'll stay clear. It doens't look like my cup of tea.

TC said...

I think this story would have been better if you'd actually gone to Confessions of a Shopaholic :)

For your sake though, I'm glad you got out while you still could.

Jonathan Storment said...

That's so funny DJ. I love that the Hannah Montana preview didn't clue you in. Good stuff.