Push it to pop it! Rock it to lock it! Break it to make it!

there are some moments that define a generation. there are some people that redefine humanity. there are some works of art that inspire people to a new way of thinking.

last night i bought breakin, the 1984 breakdancing classic.

i watch a lot of movies. i consider myself a connosuier of fine 80's cinema. but i have to say that my collection would have never been complete w/o this movie. through the inspirational storytelling of director joel silber, i was taken away to my own xanadu where kelly, ozone and turbo and i are the kings of linoleum and cardboard. we wear bandanas everywhere but on our heads, our jerry curls gleam under the lights at the club, and our chances of getting through a metal detector are none. there are no fistfights, it's all settled on the dancefloor. and jobs... they are only there to support the only true passion... the dance. i mean the breakdance.

here's a list of my observations/ interesting facts about breakin:
1. turbo and ozone's reall names in the movie are tony and orlando.
2. thier names on the billing read; adolfo 'shabba-doo' quinones and michael 'bugaloo shrimp' chambers.
3. ice-t makes his film debut as 'rapper', starting the legacy that is his acting career.
4. christopher 'shooter mcgavin' mcdonald plays the potential love interest/ agent to our heroine kelly (or 'special k' depending on if you're street enough to call her by her street name)
5. the term 'street name' is used in abundance.
6. so are scrunched up anklewarmers.
7. so are metal studded belts (not necessarily around the waist though).
8. the rate of scenes to musical montages is 3:1, the highest of any movie made after the 50's.
9. the guy at best buy knew exactly where this movie was w/o looking it up on the computer.
10. venice beach looks a lot different than it did in the 80's, most notably the absence of portable cardboard dancefloors and van damme in a leotard clapping along to street performers.
11. there'd be a lot less violence in this world if we had more boomboxes around. then people would be encouraged to out-robot each other instead of fight.
12. members only jackets will always be cool, as long as they hae an excessive number of zippers and metal objects hanging from them.

well, i've waxed enough on the joys of breakin. its time for me to throw on my b-boy gear and pop-and-lock my way home.

one love, one heart.

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