"have a happy v.d."

so here's the valentine's day post that should be expected from me.
it's just another day.
seriously, it's not really a day for single people, esp those who aren't too keen on changing that status anytime soon. actually, today is the cool day for me. all that leftover candy is 70% off. i'm not a candy person, but at those prices, who can resist? so the calls are already coming in asking what i did for valentine's day. well, it was my day off so i stayed in bed as long as i could watching dukes of hazzard on tv. i had to drive out to port hueneme to settle a bill dispute, so i stopped off and ate lunch at one of my fave hole in the wall mexican restaurants wit the cuz. i decided to see how close i was to the beach and ended up driving down the pacific coast highway to malibu. i stopped on a few spots on the side of the road including neptune's (from point break) and county line beach to check out some waves. sidenote: i think i may need two wetsuits to surf ventura county. i called up nursegirl to see if she wanted to hang up, and realized halfway through the message that it was valentines day, and she probably wouldn't believe that i was just calling simply because i was passing by. fortunately, she never called back so that akwardness was avoided. so i chilled at a couple of beaches, it was overcast and i didn't have a hoode with me so i didn't stay for long. i came home, rocked out on my guitars for a while and cleaned up my truck and my room some. sidenote numero dos: cleaning my room has gone down so far on my priority list, its really something to do to fill time more than anything. i simply did it to fill time between me getting home and going out to loosen the ol arm up for softball season.
so the cuz got home at his normal time and we decided to watch shaft (the remake) and blazing saddles. we grilled up some brats, ate wheat thins and spray sheese, threw darts, drank too much pepsi, and polished off a jar of salsa. needless to say it was just another day.
so i was doing some thinking while i was checking the view from the office today. i've said it before and i'll say it again. socal is awesome. yesterday it was kinda overcast, but i could still manage to see the ocean and snow covered moutnains from where i was standing. surreal to say the least. i'm actually glad that i went by myself because the experience would have been ruined by having to talk to other people. there's something about being on top of a mountain overlooking the ocean that soothes the soul. one of those times where you can almost hear God talking to you in the wind. i had hiked up to the cross on top of the hill behind our apt with the cuz on sunday, but it wasn't the same having someone else there. not sure what about that situation wasn't right, but it was awesome not having to say a word for a few yesterday afternoon.
so it's been said of me before that i'm bitter when it comes to valentines day. bitter might not be the righ† word, but i really don't get it. why should we have to confine all of that stuff to one day of the year? personally i think it's more romantic to do stuff on days when society isn't breathing down your neck to do so. nothing like facing ridicule to motivate you to tell someone you care.
so i'm not really a romantic in the traditional sense. at least i wasn't watching high fidelity all afternoon, which is how i spent last vday.

anyways, i think i feel some random thoughts coming on:

public enemy is the greatest rap group ever. i think it would be awesome to have flavor flav to do classic books on tape.

i've given up on flying cars, but weren't we supposed to have video phones all over the place by now?

how do people that make weird pots and jars and stuff make a living from doing so?

how do you get a job on the golf channel?

if this home-makeover trend continues, every kitchen and living room will look the same.

there needs to be an apartment depot store, for people who aren't allowed to do stuff to their apartment.

blogging is an addiction. or therapy. i guess it depends on who's reading.

my alltime favorite quote for valentines day goes to my friend keitha back in college, when she told me to 'have a good v.d.'.

i've never heard a reggae song that was depressing. seriously, they could be singing about apartheid and have me stoked and dancing around the room.

my favorite movie quote of all time is: "Where the white women at?" -Sheriff Bart from Blazing Saddles.

i love the fact that mom still sends care packages.

the few weeks between the super bowl and the beginning of the baseball season are alamost unbearable, but it's a good time to get dog's jumping into water highlights onto espn.

i actually watched the grammys on sunday night. i wasn't impressed.

how long are people going to leave thier kerry/edwards bumper sticker on thier cars?

the cuz and i put a dart board up in our hallway. how bad we are at darts is in direct realtion to how little of our deposit we are expecting to get back.

chinese food is overated.

my top five not quite a-list hotties are:
5. the chica from the italian cooking show on the food network
4. tracey from extreme home-makeover
3. monica potter
2. elisabeth hasselbeck
1. kristen kreuk

the cuz watches too much reality tv

i need to comment more on other people's blogs.

well, it's time to go for now. one love, one heart.

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