i'm ashamed...

i ran across a statement from the health dept that said in effect, that in 2005 it is predicted there will be more abortions than births this year in the u.s. basically, we are choosing to murder more than half of our children.


i think i'm going to be sick.

i have a friend that gripes about civilians dying in war, yet maintains it is okay for a 15 year old girl to kill an unborn child, because it is 'an inconvenience'. and they say christians are the uncompassionate ones...

i am sick and tired of people believing they can live in a consequence free environment. our decisions, good or bad, have consequences. and yes, sometimes those consequences affect other people. choosing to become pregnant (yes pregnancy is avoidable) comes with consequences. are we so selfish that we would sacrifice an innocent life so that we wouldn't have to pay for our poor decisions. evidently so.

i'd like to thank the baby boomers for bringing in the 'free' love era, and my generation for being hypocritical enough to protest someone possibly harming the egg of a bald eagle, yet encouraging young women to murder children.

the only hint of a silver lining i saw, was a stat from a pregnancy clinic that said there were almost exactly as many families waiting to adopt a child, as there were unwanted pregnancies.

God, i'm speechless right now and disgusted beyond description. i pray for your mercy and compassion on the innocent lives lost due to our selfishness. i pray for your mercy on this country. i ask you to forgive us of the sins we choose to commit every day. i pray that we would stop trying to kick you out of our lives when you are exactly what we need. i know that when we choose to look to you for guidance you do not fail us, your word is not just a bunch of rules, but a way of protecting us and caring for us. i pray i can do my part to follow, and lead others in your word. God, please do not turn away from us, even though we have done everything we can to push you away.

i'm not sure what i can do to make my voice heard, but i am going to look into this and hopefully have something posted soon on what we can do to stop the genocide of the next generation.

one love, one heart

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