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this past sunday i announced my resignation as youth minister at simi. there are a lot of details to the story, but the short version is that it was simply time to leave.

the why.
there are a lot of things that have added up over the years. recently it became obvious to me that the things that have been frustrations for a while were not going to change. at the very least, i did not feel like they would change before i got burned out on ministry. my original goal was to do everything possible to work at one place for ten years, and i feel like i have honored that commitment. between politics, constant miscommunication and feeling like i was going at it alone, it is simply time to go. as far as the timing goes, i'm not the biggest fan of doing things immediately, but some things are out of my control, so my resignation comes from out of the blue for many people, and i apologize to those that are upset and seeking more of a resolution.

obviously there's a lot more to this, but for right now let me say thank you to everyone that has been supportive to me, encouraging, and praying for what's next. one of the benefits of a shortened timeline is that people feel an urgency to say what is on their hearts. I've been thinking a lot lately about the statement, "a man is measured by the company he keeps", and by that measure I consider myself very blessed.

for the next few weeks i'm going to be doing a lot of traveling. i'm taking time to see family and friends, relax and have fun. aside from interviews, i have trips to texas, colorado and vegas in the works. i'm still working on san diego, okc and tulsa. it's been a while since i've been able to take any extended time to do things that i want to do, so i will most certainly take advantage of my 'availability'.

as for a job, i'm sending out my resume to anyone who'll read it to see how wide my options are. my hope is to stay in socal, but we'll see what the Lord has in store. i already have a few interviews in the works and plan of pursuing as many options as possible. if you know of any church that is looking for a youth minster, let me know.

i'll be posting more stuff soon. it's been a while since i've written anything, but as you can probably guess, things around here have been pretty crazy.

one love, one heart.

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OK Chick said...

Good luck! Let me know when you come to OKC, if you are able to make it to OKC!