"When it comes down to me against a situation, I don't like the situation to win." -MacGyver

time for a random blog. (i wrote this late last night)

it's late, i can't sleep. i'm tired and exhausted. have you ever been too tired to sleep?

i can't wait till monday. summer's almost over, and the best way i can describe how i feel right now is like i've almost swam underwater across the whole pool. if i can hold my breath for just a few more strokes i'll be really stoked about making it the whole way, but all i can think about is taking that breath.

why do i feel like such a nerd after watching lord of the rings tonight?

speaking of nerding out. my new favorite tv show is 'women of ninja warrior'.

last week was awesome. i went to a bunch of baseball games and ate a bunch of stadium nachos. maybe too many. whatever, there's no such thing.

and for those who asked, the blind date didn't pan out because her flight back to los angeles got delayed. i'll keep you updated on what happens next.

is it just me or does it seem like the whole michael vick case is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dogfighting?

if you want to see some cool artwork look up steff plaetz.

if you want a good 'are you kidding me' laugh look up steven seagal's music video.

if you want a good gift idea for me i would really love a new chargers jersey.

if you want a good cd to listen to right now go pick up ben harper's 'the will to live' so you can say you were a fan before his new album comes out next week.

if you want a good haircut don't go to supercuts.

after being in san diego for a few days, it brought back some old memories. to top the list, i wonder whatever happened to our old car, the blue 76 monte carlo?

i realized the other day that i don't have a stereo in my room, which is odd since i listen to music pretty much everywhere i go. so i went to look at new stereos, and they all looked pretty gaudy and stupid. then i looked at al the stuff they make for ipods and they were all kind of small or expensive. that and i didn't like the way ipods fit in most of the slots. so i just bought some speakers and plugged the right into my ipod. i saved a few hundred bucks on a system, and i got a lot better sound than any of the smaller stereos. if you have an ipod, skip the stereos and just buy speakers.

i just ate a slice of pizza in bed. all i need now is some yosemite sam mudflaps for my truck and i'm good to go.

i'm looking at my closet right now, i think i'm going to go get a bunch of new clothes soon.

oh yeah, and towels. somehow over the course of the summer and trips to the beach, vbs, hurricane harbor, and camps, i'm down to one towel.

i just saw a commercial for a new medical drama on tv. really? do we need another one? if we're going to duplicate ideas for tv shows how about some more private investigators working for rich english guys in hawaii, or ex-military mercenaries working for hire while on the from the law, or even better... a secret agent who can make anything out of anything fighting the forces of evil one gadget at a time.

speaking of... did you know that MacGyver's first name was Angus?

well, i'm actually starting to doze.

one love, one heart.

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OK Chick said...

I agree about Supercuts. They jacked up my hair last time I went there.

Bummer about the blind date.