24 Hour Prayer update.

So we only have 7 more hours to go in our 24 hour prayer, and i felt like writing down some observations while i'm on the 2-5am shift looking over the building.

Things i've seen so far:
An elder of the church overcome by tears.
A mom with three kids from 1 yr to 5 yrs praying on the steps in the foyer.
A family sitting down praying together well after bed time.
The look of excitement when i told a lady there was a 'quiet room'.
Two of our senior saints who have been friends for a long time holding hands praying together at sunset.
A newly married couple in their 60's holding hands praying together as they walked around the field by our church.
A man with cancer who can barely lift a hammer putting a nail in a cross.
Grown men coloring.
Jr high kiddos setting up prayer stations that have pushed the prayer lives of people eight times their age.
Families talking about what they can do to help out the invisible children.
Little kids writing what they are thankful for with their mom and dad.
A family taking turns putting a nail in a cross, and a dad explaining why.
Five cars in the church parking lot at 2 am.
Several sets of mothers/daughters praying together.

Things i haven't seen so far:
Where God is going to take us after tonight.

one love, one heart.

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Holly said...

DJ, I am a bum and I had to cancel because we are having a work conference starting up right after Labor Day. Anastasia and Anne will be there Sept. 1-5. I am hoping to come maybe in January though!