"No one's really going to be free until nerd persecution ends."

first things first.
days like today are great reminders of why i have a great job; we baptized one of our kiddos tonite after class down a the beach in malibu. almost full moon, clear sky, warm water, small waves, and a small crowd there to watch a sister commit her life to Christ... it really doesn't get much better.

a cord...
of three strands is not as easily broken. it's amazing watching our kids intertwine their lives. tonight in class we talked about times where it becomes vital to have someone there by your side. as we talked about why simply having someone 'there' for you is important, we came to the conclusion that sharing experiences effects us at the very core of who we are. that presence serves as a reminder that we are loved. these experiences, whether good or bad, are the instances that allow us to create community with one another. so basically, if you're reading this you should share the idea with others around you. actually, i was pretty impressed that our kiddos were able to go this deep tonite. gold stars for everyone.

so i was at the grocery store tonite and the chica behind me strikes up a conversation, saying she remembered me from when i came in with one of our preacher interviewees last friday. we had spent a while at the bar there at chilis and had invited her to listen to his interview (sermon). anyways, she remembered me and we started a pretty cool conversation (this is the first time i've been stoked about the line taking forever) about church, working late on a thursday night, and the stuff we eat. anyways, when the time came for her to pay, she had left her wallet in the car and i got a chance to offer to pay for her stuff. she said she didn't feel right about it but appreciated the offer. so she ran out to her car to get her wallet and i paid for my stuff, and as we were walking out together she said she'd like to come visit me at church. score. even better, i actually had a business card to hand her. so here's to seeing if she calls. either that or here's to me happening to stop by chili's. check that, here's to me hitting the gym in the morning.

speaking of which...
i tried a little boxing workout the last time i was at the gym and completely embarrassed myself trying to keep the speedbag going. although i am really contemplating putting a punching bag in my office now. those things are a blast.

which leads to...
this fall i'm going to redecorate my office and i'm looking for some crazy ideas to pull off. as of now the best suggestions have been to put a picture frame around my window, and instead of a desk put a low shelf along the whole wall. whachya got?

well, i'm tired now.

one love, one heart.


OK Chick said...

Thanks for the update. I've been wondering how you did on your race.

Liz said...

Howdy pal! Long time no see... I'm glad to see that the summer's going well for ya. Hope you have a nice wednesday.

OK Chick said...

check the blog, you have an assignment! =0)