No, you're not! Because I'm out there, and if I see you out there, there's not enough voltage in the universe to electroshock me back to coherence.

I wish i could start this off with some good news, but i digress. first things first. Adam Langford, a friend of mine who was a missionary in Africa, was killed today in a car wreck in Kenya. I'm sorry if this is how you have to hear about it first, but it's been on my mind pretty much all day. Adam was one of the cuz's best friends, and was pretty influential in convincing me to go to OC for college. It's amazing how someone you seem to so easily pass by for years can be a person that had such an amazing impact on your life. My hearts and prayers go out to the Langford family, all of whom are people that epitomize Christian living. one love.

On a much less serious note... in honor of the past few weeks here are the
10. "is that a booger?"
9. "i know it's the playoffs, but there's a 'flip that house' marathon on tlc."
8. "you're paying... right?"
7. "it was the chair."
6. "who's your friend?"
5. "do you have one of those little thingy's to fix the thing here?"
4. "sorry about the turrets."
3. "actually, i was going to tell you.... ___________________ (cell phone cuts out)"
2. "let's be friends."
1. "you're like family."

(feel free to send in your least favorite lines, this could be fun.)

not all of those were actually directed at me, but you get the point. oh well, in a week of paying off tickets, taking the truck in to shop, looking for a house to rent, getting shot down, and cold weather this is what's making me laugh right now. that and i saw a guy on rollerblades the other day. that made me laugh too. oh yeah, and the rejects from first couple episodes of american idol, i laughed at that too.

more updates to come when there's more to update. one love, one heart.

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