"Clark, I wanna get you something... real nice."

just a short blog this week. more of a 'look back and see what was going on' kind of entry this time.

christmas was a blast. mi madre and mi hermana came out to visit and we spent a week cramped in our small apartment being all christmas-like. me and the cuz went overboard with decorations (read three truck fulls for one apartment) but our place was def festive for the fam. we spent a couple of days touring around l.a. and santa barbara and just kinda chilled for the most part. christmas day was pretty sweet too, after the whole presents thing we drove up to my uncle's cabin and spent the night in wrightwood. after that we drove down to san diego and mom and i toured around for a while which was fun. all in all, it was a good week.

i typically get ripped off for christmas, but this year def bucked the trend. a new stereo system for my truck, a leather jacket, thp8, and cash made for a good christmas morning.

me and the cuz decided to add on a roommate, so as of yesterday a-list is officially added to the apt roster, except now we're looking for a house to rent. oh, the joys of socal housing. more to come soon... hopefully.

get the new album, 'Oh! Gravity.' take a break right now and go to itunes. 'american dream' is the early frontrunner for favorite song.

to do list.
one of the things that i'm really trying to focus on this year is keeping a running to-do list. here's what i have so far (in no particular order):

clean my room
finishing painting my snowboard
find house to rent
clean truck
smog check for truck
fuel pump for truck
youth group website finished
personal site up and running
redo personal budget (prob after a new house is found)
get a haircut
build a new desk
put up molding around office
put electric guitar back together
new risers for my skateboard
get snowboard tuned
buy season pass to mtn high
organize files at work
get rid of old clothes
find digital camera (prob after room is cleaned)
ask out chica at the sushi place
return borrowed tools

i think 20 is enough for now. we'll see what the timetable for this list becomes.

so we watched all three major bowl games on yesterday (which is why there are 20 things on my to do list, and why my eyes are glazed over) making for the end of one of the greatest seasons of college football i can remember. despite usc not being the championship, i was still stoked they beat michigan in the rose bowl. but nothing compares to boise state's ot win over oklahoma. i'm a big fan of underdog stories and boise state def takes the cake for this year's best.

one of my good friends from back in the day called me the other day and told me he's getting married in september of 08. so it looks like i have an excuse to save up and head over to italy next september. i can't wait. there's already a fund set up to save for the trip. get ready rome, here i come.

well, that's all i've got for right now, nothing to amusing or crazy, just trying to get back in the habit of writing more often. happy new year to all. one love, one heart.

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lindsy said...

You are going to love Rome! I'm excited for you.
That's a huge To-Do List...good luck my friend!