i wasn't able to vote. does that mean puff daddy is going to kill me?

Politics... man this stuff is crazy. I’m wondering how bad anti-bush supporters are going to gripe and complain. I’m just glad our president survived the media and entertainment conspiracy against him. Seriously, it made me really mad to see all of these bands and actors ganging up against our president. What makes their opinion more valid than mine? Do they get an nbc channel that I don’t? Stick to the acting and or singing, let me be the judge of my politics.
While I’m at it... I have to address religion and politics. The phrase ‘separation of church and state’ never appears in our constitution. Never. It originated in a private letter jefferson wrote to the leader of a baptist church. The letter was in response to a request by the baptist church to be the official religion of the new country, if the leaders decided to have one. That’s it. In fact, the only mention of religion in the constitution comes from the first amendment ‘where congress shall pass no laws restricting the right to practice religious practices....’(loose dj translation). that being said, the fact that the supreme court uses the separation of church and state as the basis for so many laws (i.e. no prayer in schools) is actually unconstitutional.
This has been on my mind for a while. Our cultural pendulum has swung to a point where christians are all but being persecuted. Mi madre worked in the science office at a high school in seattle for a while, a notably liberal area to say the least. I have to give mi madre props because she stood her ground against some hardcore anti-christians. They would criticize her all the time about her beliefs, yet she was not allowed to defend herself or her faith because that would be against the law. I told her to call the aclu and tell them her religious freedoms were being restricted. I love irony. Anyways, I tell my kids to pray in school as much as they can. Anyone that tries to tell them they can’t pray is suppressing their religious freedom. This isn’t to say that every kid in school has to pray, or that a muslim can’t pray to allah, or whatever the case may be, but there needs to be a realization that our culture is doing exactly what they accuse christians of doing. Ok, maybe irony isn’t always funny.
Also, I’ve said it before, and I’ll state it again; the very things that our culture looks for to solve our social ills, are the very principles that God gave us. Our culture is kicking God out the front door, and trying to drag Him in the back door. Ironic.
Well, I guess that’s all I have to say politically.

Other random thoughts:
I’m missing my friends. Simi valley is home, but I’m realizing that it’s been a while since I’ve seen most of my compadres. The hard part is realizing that I don’t have any time planned soon to see most of them again. Ouch.
Needless to say I could really go for talking to topgun girl.

Another thing that has been bugging me is my lack of creativity lately. I simply can’t think of anything to do for fun with the youth group. I feel tapped. I need something to kick me into gear. Those first few weeks of trying to get all of the other random stuff done and visiting families every night killed my drive and energy. The only thing that really gives me comfort is knowing that I am dealing with a lot of stuff right now, and I have to give myself some room to breathe. That, and I know that once I get on a roll things are going to take off at an unreal speed. I’m afraid I’m going to look at the calendar one day and realize days have turned into months of not talking.
I should be on the phone with topgun girl right now.

Seriously though, I really have been in a funk lately. Not one of those deep down, nothing could get worse funks where you have nowhere to go but up, but one of those I can’t really figure out what’s going on funks. We’ll see. Hopefully this writing stuff down will start to pay dividends soon.
Till then, one love and one heart.

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lindsy said...

AMEN! I got so tired of seeing all the famous people talking bad about Bush. I agree with you 100%!