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Well, I felt like writing for a while, but I’m not really sure about what... and I was looking at my stack of movies, so maybe I can occupy my time by commenting on all my movies. Yeah, I’m basically sitting around here bored tonite.

Airheads: my favorite quote from this one is something like, ‘how can you be the lone rangers if there are three of you?’
Airplane: quite possibly the funniest movie ever.
American history x: if you didn’t think racism was a serious issue before... this should be shown in schools for seniors. Scary because it shouldn’t hit home.
Animal house: the best scene in this one is when john belushi breaks the guitar of the hippie guy trying to serenade the girls.
Back to the future: great family entertainment, and it poses the question, ‘when are we going to get flying cars?’ and the hoverboards are pretty sweet too.
Bill and ted’s excellent adventure: my favorite movie of all time. There’s not enough space on the server to write about this one.
Bill and ted’s bogus journey: primus is the highlight of this unfortunate follow up to the greatest movie ever made.
Blackhawk down: this one is an underrated war classic. The fact that it is pretty close to the actual event just brings it that much closer to home.
Blazing saddles: mel brooks uses comedy to push all the boundaries. Mongo punching the horse is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. You gotta love a movie that you quote for days after watching it.
Blue crush: chics and surfing. Nuff said.
Bottle rocket: gotta thank mr. Hollywood for reminding me of this one back in college.
Boyz n tha hood: not only was it the acting debut of my man ice cube (who inspired me to wear the detroit hat), but it introduced the hood to millions.
Braveheart: a great man’s movie. Makes you feel like you should get out and do something important. That does not include wearing a skirt. (I still hold to the belief that if you are not scottish then it’s not a kilt)
bruce almighty: it was surprising to see something that spiritual from hollywood.
Caddyshack: another movie that guys should be able to quote every line.
Carmen the hip-hopera: beyonce knowles. Nuff said.
Clueless: it’s always good to have a few chic flix on hand that you enjoy too. Oh yeah, and the mighty mighty bosstones are in it too.
Charlie brown christmas: instant christmas cheer.
Christmas story: ralphie + bb gun = classic.
Christmas vacation: I’ve said it before, every line cousin eddie has is classic, then there’s his wardrobe, then there’s chevy chase... the list goes on forever. The best part is you can watch this christmas movie year round. I recommend July 4th.
Crouching tiger hidden dragon: visually one of the best movies ever made. Storywise, it’s built like a classic fairy tale. This is one of those you can’t watch with a whole bunch of people.
Dogtown and z-boys: makes you want to go out and skate. Nuff said.
Dumb and dumber: funniest movie ever.
Encino man: instant classic. They need a category at the oscars for best college guy movie.
Fifth element: one of the best future sci-fi movies ever made. Made bruce willis my favorite actor.
Ferris bueller’s day off: I think it should be required by law that every senior watch this movie.
Fight club: one of my top five faves. The social ramifications of this movie are so underrated.
Gladiator: up there with braveheart as one of those great historical-kick-butt guy movies.
Great escape: a pretty funny war movie.
Happy Gilmore: my first friends I made in college came from me throwing this on the tv in the dorm lobby. I think quoting this is a question on the SAT.
Higher learning: one of those movies about racism that unfortunately hits too close to home for me. Ice cube is a classic, and busta rhymes brings the ruckus too. The award for best supporting actor goes to cole hauser though. His neo-nazi character is one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen.
High fidelity: my roommates introduced me to this movie one day when I was upset about this girl in college, and spent the day organizing cds and making mix cds. Never has a movie hit home the way this one does.
Home alone: a good youth group movie for the holidays.
Hot shots: this one can make a grown man giggle like a little girl.
Italian job: instant caper classic.
Jackass: where to begin...
Major league: another one of those movies that gets quoted not quite often enough.
Magnificent butcher: old kung fu movie by the guy who did crouching tiger hidden dragon.
Matrix: easily one of the most influential movies of the past decade.
Memento: rehtegot tup saw eivom siht yaw eht evol attog
miracle: one of the few movies where it’s okay for guys to cry (see previous posts)
monsters inc.: I’m not sure how this one ended up in my possession.
My blue heaven: this was one of those $6 buys that was beyond worth it.
North shore: classic 80's surf movie that will have you craving waves... even in arizona.
Office space: modern classic that is probably quoted, and should be, in every office that has a cubicle. Gotta love the irony.
Out cold: by far the most quoted movie my senior year of college. I would walk in my apt and there would be people watching it w/o any of the roommates being in there. Also has my favorite movie character of all time (stumpy).
Out of sight: has the best bank robbery of all time, and introduced me to jennifer lopez waaaay back before the hype. Ahhh the good ol days.
Predator: top five favorite.
Predator: six dollar buy, but just good enough to be worth it.
Return of the dragon: gotta have a bruce lee movie in the collection.
The rookie: baseball classic, and a great youth group movie.
Royal tenenbaums: (see bottle rocket).
Rudy: if you don’t cry at the end of this one you have no soul. Or you need to get off the couch and do something meaningful.
Sandlot: one of the best baseball movies ever made.
Scarface: the people from mtv’s cribs made me buy this one.
School of rock: gotta love jack black. Gotta love the fact that the youth group can still watch this one.
September sessions: jack johnson directed it, nuff said.
Shaft: remake of a classic. It’s important to have samuel l. jackson in the list somewhere.
Shawshank redemption: I bought this for the few days that this isn’t on tbs.
Snatch: by far one of the greatest movies of the last few years. Seals the deal for brad pitt being a man’s man actor.
Social distortion: live concert of one of my fave bands.
Spaceballs: ‘comb the desert’ is the first of many reason to watch this one over and over.
Star wars: all of them combined still make for the greatest movie story ever.
Surf ninjas: this was a gift from the kids in tulsa. One of the best cheesy movies ever. ‘Lao tsu dude’.
Swingers: one of the best guy movies of all time. I think this is the only movie we quoted in high school. Every guy is represented in one of the characters.
Taxi driver: scary. This is where robert deniro got that, ‘you talkin to me?’ line. Scary.
Three amigos: they messed up the scene with the talking animals on the dvd. Dantheman still uses ‘el guapos’ zapatos’ for all of his fantasy sports teams.
Thicker than water: (see September sessions)
wayne’s world: one of the most quoted movies of my adolescence. That probably explains a lot.
Best of will ferrell vol 1&2: the funniest man alive, and this is the one that I quote the most as of right now. Goulet.
Willow: one of my favorites growing up. Madmartigan is still one of my favorite character names. The midgets still creep me out, then there’s the chic that plays sorscha. Toss in that cool bad guy with a skeleton helmet and you’ve got a great movie.
X-men 1&2: the best comic book adaption to a movie.
So those are the 80 movies (if I counted right... it’s late) that make up my collection. Noticeably absent are the lord of the rings trilogy (I’m waiting for all of the special editions in a boxed set), goodfellas, billy madison, tombstone (stolen), demoliton man (stolen), enter the dragon (lost), thunder ninja kids (stolen), oceans 11 (enough other people have it), steel magnolias (broken in an unfortunate skeet shooting incident), bridge on the river kwai, dirty dozen, the sting, sneakers... yeah I think I should ask for best buy gift certificates for christmas.

yeah, i'm a movie nerd that has movie collection alhpbetized. Well, I’m pretty much out of steam with this list thing tonite...
One love, one heart.

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