Yes, I like technology. Always and forever.

If you're like me, then you're a big fan of the internets. It's great for the email. I bought a used statue of bill and ted one time at the ebay. Most of my bills I can pay when I log on to the web. Between imdb.com solving all of my movie questions, espn.com solving all of my sports questions, and wikipedia answering the rest, I have become a fan of a lot of dot coms. Oh yeah, and there's yahoodotcom. I'm not sure what it does but it must be good because my computer goes there every time I turn on the internet.

But today was great, because I found a new website that is really funny. You may have heard of youtube.com because now you can put videos on the world wide web. Here are my top ten favorite videos of all time that I have found today:

even my furniture guy has a website video.

I'm going to start videotaping my paintings too.

Some advertisers like to use the internet.

I hooked my VCR up to the internet to show this one.

They even have TV on the internet.

Some people like to take movie clips and re-arrange them to make it funny.

Rap stars like to put music videos on the world wide web.

Rap stars like to put music videos on the world wide web.

Now you can show the whole country your son (or daughter's) dance recital!!!!!!!!1

The best idea is to use the internets to advertise your business. This could make some people a lot of money.

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