'Today I didn't even have to use my A.K., I got to say it was a good day.' - Ice Cube

So much of today was great. But it's so easy to let the one downer take over the day.

I refuse to do that today.

I woke up early and enjoyed a good breakfast with people that treat me like family.

I got to just sit and pray before making a bunch of phone calls, and God answered my prayers and then some.

Our office manager and his wife had me over for lunch, and then offered an invite to join the kiwanis club.

I'm going to check it out.

We had home made lasagna for lunch.

The pepsi was the perfect temperature.

I talked to mom for over an hour and we mostly laughed.

My christmas bundle from asian man records came in the mail.

Some of the kiddos called and made me laugh.

I plugged in our christmas lights at the apt and one of our neighbors smiled at me, and told me she liked our lights.

dinner was quick and cheap.

i watched most of the chronicles of narnia.

one lame phone call, immediately followed by another that put me back at ease.

I finished narnia, and put things into perspective.

I jammed on guitar for a few minutes.

Jimmy Kimmel was funny.

Now Oprah is giving stuff away.

I asked my friend for prayers.

He responded a few minutes later.

I ran across The High Calling, by G.D. Watson that made a huge impact on me a few months ago.

Now I'm listening to jack johnson getting ready to sleep.

That's right it was a good day.

one love, one heart.

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