Sometimes nothing is a pretty cool hand.

veterans day.
on monday i actually celebrated veterans day. i started doing this a few years ago. it always bothered me that holidays get turned into days off, and i completely lose site of the fact that these days were set aside to remember something specific. veterans day for me is a time of deep appreciation, especially this year. i don't know why, but i've been in a very appreciative mode lately. anyways, what did i do to celebrate veterans day? i went up to the reagan library for a while and spent some time praying at the piece of the berlin wall that they have on display there. i ran into several vets and talked with them for a while about their experiences in korea. and then i decided to call the vets that we have at our church an thanks them for their service. i can think of no higher calling than be willing to put your life on the line for another person. in fact, this is one of the best descriptions the bible gives on what love looks like in action.
i encourage anyone reading this to sit down and share a cup of coffee with a veteran, and ask them for their story. it's an easy way to show your appreciation.

capri sun.
i got all nostalgic yesterday buying groceries when i saw a box of capri suns, so i bought a pack and was stoked to get home and drink one. as my stupid little yellow straw bent and then poked through the back of my pouch spilling grape drink all over my carpet i remembered why i stopped drinking these things in the first place. file capri sun under bad nostalgia.

beard update.
it's gone. i wasn't really awake when i started shaving yesterday and ended up shaving it off. so back to the ol' sideburns and gotee.

rob bell.
i went to thegodsarentangry tour the other night and was completely blown away. it's the best description of how religions start up that i've ever heard. i'd love to try and explain it, but i know i couldn't do his speech justice. so, i'm encouraging you to pick up the dvd or book whenever it comes out.

angels and airwaves.
if i could put together an album i would want it to sound like 'I-Empire'. simply amazing.

sometimes God works in the smallest moments of the day. a few days ago it was kind of cold here (for socal). i was stoked to get home and get warm, but when i opened the door i realized that we had forgotten to turn on the auto heat setting on our thermostat. normally i would be a little frustrated, but instead this time i kind of smiled and recognized that i am truly blessed to even have a place to live. i'm even more blessed that i have a place that will get warm in minutes. the funny thing is, i didn't even turn on the heat. i just threw on my favorite hoodie and read for a while.

i've got a pretty good sense of direction, but every once in a while i realize that a street that i thought went one direction actually runs completely perpendicular to what i thought. i was talking to a friend the other day and he said to travel south on this one road, and i asked him if he meant east. we finally got out the maps and i realized that he was right. dangit. this happened to me a lot at oc when there weren't any mountains for reference points. now there's too many mountains.

the zipper.
learn it. it's a simple concept. one car goes, and then another from the other lane. repeat. we've got to put an end to this double dipping, or shotblocking nonsense on americas roads.

an update on my decision this year to be informed. evidently being informed means you are supposed to listen to other people rant on about their candidate when you don't even know them and all you're trying to do is sit there with a friend and enjoy a gingerbread latte, and all of this starts because there happens to be a politically based headline on the newspaper that was already sitting at your table.

my neighborhood.
since i read okchick's blog, i consider myself tagged by her most recent post. the question posted was, 'what's your favorite place in your neighborhood?' without a doubt mine is the reagan library. my apt complex is at the base of the mountain so i like to head up there as much as i can. it has a great view towards the west, and on a clear day you can see the ocean. if you look north around sunset, you get an idea of what the song means when it says 'purple mountains majesty'. the inside of the library has a lot of interesting stuff, but my two favorite things are outside. the is a huge chunk of the berlin wall standing there, and it's covered in artwork which always inspires me. my favorite though, is reagan's memorial site that has my all time favorite quote on it,

I know in my heart that man is good.
That what is right will always eventually triumph.
And there's purpose and worth to each and every life.

berlin wall 2

well, that's about all i can write on this lunch break so...
one love, one heart.

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