34 things on my mind...

days since my last post. i guess i'm due.

lives lost at virginia tech last week. i wish there were something to say besides offering condolences to the families of those lost. my prayer is that we look to eradicate the causes of these senseless acts. i'm not talking about stricter gun control or tighter campus security, but the willingness for man to look out after his fellow man.

hours chulagirl and i had spent on the phone together between our first conversation in january thru the beginning of the month.

things i regret saying to her.

times we have stayed up past 3 talking.

dollars per month i owe gold's gym.

pounds of fat i have dropped in the last six weeks.

pounds of muscle i have put on.

kilometers i am going to run/jog when i participate in the 4th of july surf city 5k/10k run.

miles i can run w/o stopping as of this week.

the age of don imus, who evidently isn't funny. of course mencia, chappelle, rock and all those guys are a riot. note to self, if you're going to say something controversial, make sure it's funny, because if the joke bombs it's no longer an attempt at humor, its a racist remark. sidenote: be sure to catch imus' guest spot on the new ludacris album.

statements from jesse jackson and al sharpton that are noteworthy:
"[I'm] sick and tired of hearing about the Holocaust".
"“White folks was in caves while we was building empires ... We taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.”

things that get me fired up very easily: racism & hypocrisy

art projects going on right now. a painting, designing a hoodie, two youth group shirts, a logo for another church, a stencil for my office and one for the cuz.

shows that i follow and my thoughts on each:
>the office - by far the funniest show i've ever seen. every episode consistently surprises me. someday i would like to take all of michael scott's lines and piece them into one long segment.
>24 - jack bauer is insane. i'm interested to see how intense the show could possibly remain after the past two episodes.
>lost - they're not lost. we are. and i think the writers are too.
>heroes - sorry all you 24 junkies, this gets top billing. for me it's almost like they've taken all of my favorite comics and put them into one show.

is how much i payed on itunes for john reuben's new album 'word of mouth', and it was worth every penny. this is the album that music needs right now asking questions like how much does it cost to be hip hop, and the rules for being indie.

hour a day that i have decided to set aside for myself. mostly in the afternoon. this is my time to veg, hit the gym, sit and listen to music, space out, pray, whatever i feel like. basically it's the hour i decide not to answer my phone, run errands, talk business, or even think about touching a computer. it's payed off so far, and i can't imagine making it through the summer without my hour.

weeks of summer on our calendar.

big events:
beach devo
pool party
go karts
magic mountain
teen camp
raging waters (aka water lubes)
king's camp
24 hour prayer


days until i perform my first wedding. and yes, i am probably more nervous than they are. this should be fun. esp since it's hours before our guy's night out at the padres/dodgers game.

days that my allergies have been driving me nuts.

hours that these tylenol allergy multi symptom pills are supposed to last.

hours that they actually do help out.

cups of pudding that we demolished this past weekend at the puddingball olympics.

plunger spray painted gold to act as our torch during the opening ceremonies.

parent complaints.

days until me and the cuz will finally be able to visit mecca aka yankee stadium for a yankees/red sox game. it still hasn't hit home (no pun intended) that i am going to nyc for a yankee game.

homers i think a rod is going to hit this year.

his projected total at the rate he is hitting right now (14 homers in 19 games)

times this week that i have watched 'rad', one of the greatest 80's cult classic movies. all of the sudden i feel like buying a bike.

degrees outside today with a steady breeze. i love it. today may be the perfect afternoon. i'm out of here.



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