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Well, as the title suggests, it’s late and I can’t sleep. When I left the office today I thought I might barely make it home I was so tired, now I can’t seem to doze off at all. I even started watching pride and prejudice on tv, and I got bored before I got tired.

So why am I so tired? Part of me thinks that after a year of waiting on edge, my body is catching up. Part of me thinks I have lulled myself to sleep. Another part of me thinks I simply am a night person, and look forward to the quietness of being up late. Things are so much clearer when you are up late. Your options for activities are severely limited, so it becomes easier to decide what to do. And since there are few people to distract, it’s actually a lot easier to get things done. Right now I am house sitting for a family at church, but I can guarantee if I were back at the pat my room would be cleaned and my laundry done tonight. But, I’m here with either late night basic cable or my own thoughts to keep me entertained, neither one of which really seems constructive. Oh well.

So life has been pretty serious lately, but anyone who knows me knows that it won’t be too long before the crazy stories come out and start to replace deep reflective thought with the stupid stuff that I love to laugh at.

Last night was valleygirl’s birthday and we all went out to benihana’s for dinner. I had a blast for three reasons. 1. the girl I was sitting next to me laughed every time we said ‘fork’. Not really sure why she thought it was funny, but we did get a kick out of trying to make her laugh with food in her mouth. B. me, the cuz and a-list had a great idea for a Mexican restaurant that served dinner benihana style. We would call it ‘tres gueros’. And 3. our chef almost burned his hand more than once looking back, staring at one of valley girl’s friends. I can’t blame the guy for looking (we were too), but not paying attention to a hot grill and sharp knives in front of you should prob take priority.

Life with the cuz is always good for a few laughs, mostly about my odd habits and strange tendencies, but there’s always times like tonite when the cuz calls me out on some of the goofy stuff I say. For example, I used the term ‘avant-garde’ tonite and tried to play it off like I knew what it meant. Busted. the cuz caught me using words w/o knowing the definition. Ouch. Then as we’re walking out of the store were I bought a new hoodie, I mention that it’s getting colder. Busted again, the cuz knew I just wanted an excuse to wear my hoodie. Not anything that’s going to bring sore sides from laughing, but it made me crack up.

Yesterday I participated in my new favorite tradition at work, Tuesday afternoon Costco hotdogs with the senior saints. For $1.50 I can get a polish hot dog and a coke and hang out with some of the funniest people I have ever met. Yesterday one of the guys got to telling stories about putting down animals, and he kept using the term ‘smoked that cat’ in reference to him shooting a troublesome feline. I lost it every time he said ‘smoked that cat, and he started laughing at me and saying it more and things just kinda went downhill from there. I thought we were going to get kicked out to the Costco food court.

So what else has been on my mind lately…
The office season 2 came out on dvd yesterday. If you haven’t watched every episode you are missing by far the funniest show on tv.

Speaking of tv, the only other show I’m really into (lost) just came out on dvd as well, just in time to get a refresher in before season three starts. I should sit down and do a whole blog revealing all of my nerdiness when it comes to lost, but I’ll leave it alone after just a few tidbits of my thoughts. First, I don’t think the writers know where the series is going that far in advance, I think they took a few looks at what the conspiracy theorists were writing online and turned them into plotlines. Second, my favorite character is mr. ecko. I live his back story and the way he uses faith in his decisions. A close second would be locke, because there are a lot of times where he looks and acts like my dad. And finally, kate (Evangeline lily) is by far the hottest person to ever come from Canada. Lastly, I think the whole thing is a giant psych experiment on the characters, and on us the viewers.

Speaking of messing with people, if you are into any of my prank stories at all, you should look up ‘improve everywhere’. By far some of the greatest pranks I’ve ever heard of.

Well, I guess this is some sort of sedative, because I’m actually starting to feel tired. Actually, I just realized the sooner I go to sleep, the sooner I get to wear my new hoodie tomorrow. Before you laugh, you know how comfortable new clothes are, especially sweatshirts.

But before I go, I would like to say thanks to all my friends out there that read this and comment, call, write, whatever. Like I wrote about last time, I’m feeling lately like I have a whole army of friends out there that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

One love, one heart.

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