fall back, spring forward...

just a few ramblings today...

baseball is back, and sportscenter is yet once again relevant. ahhhhh... there is nothing i enjoy more than waking up to my tv set to espn and hearing "welcome to baseball tonight".

for anyone that reads this that missed last years rant on baseball, you may want to go back to my april 4, 2005 post to catch on how much i love our nation's pastime.

and in honor of baseball season starting up again i think i'm going to start up another top ten list:

top ten reasons i am stoked about baseball this season:
10. i can watch sportscenter again w/o having to put up with 'highlights' of women's basketball
9. with piazza going to the padres, i was able to narrow down my list of teams to pull for to the astros and yankees
8. with all the media attention focused on bonds, the other hundreds of baseball players can relax and do their jobs w/o a camera in their face
7. no more joe morgan comments on the length of johnny damon's hair
6. i can go to dodger games and see what the fall fashions will be like for raider fans
5. two dogs and a coke
4. me and the cuz end up watching too many movies during the off season. i can only watch breakin so many times.
3. i get to see my uncle's championship ring from last year
2. forget all these self-help motivational guru's; gammons, kruk, reynolds and gwynn tell it like it is.
1. it's baseball, our pastime. nuff said. it's one of the few times that our country gets patriotic, grown men get to be kids, and thousands of people who have nothing in common get to share a nacho stand and eat ice cream out of little helmets.

oh yeah, this year's world series picks:
safe bet: yankees vs cardinals
longshot/ you heard it hear first bet: astros vs. blue jays

moving on...

i read the other day that michael moore is invested in haliburton, hmmm, that hasn't made any of his movies.

i joined the masses and bought an ipod last weekend. this should have happened a long time ago, but it's a good thing i waited for the video ipods. there's nothing like being able to watch the office while waiting at the dmv.

since i now don't really have a need for cds, i was able to stuff them in the back of a closet this weekend. i can't handle throwing them away just yet, but i did have a ceremony to get rid of all the burned mix cds that once littered my truck

speaking of my truck, tyra has a huge gash in the side of her. i'm not sure when it happened because i never really look at the passenger side of my truck, but its pretty deep. at least deep enough that it can't be buffed out. anyways, i have a high deductible on my insurance so there's a big debate on how to approach this, esp since i'm not sure what scratched my truck. just frustrating more than anything.

and speaking of scratches, i ordered this usb turntable a couple of weeks ago that converts vinyl to mp3. it came in a couple of days ago in a box that had three corners thrashed right next to a giant fragile sticker. it's good to know that ups employees can read.

beat up box

now that i have my pergo floors in my office, and my painting done, my list of projects is getting pretty narrow. here's what i have left...
put molding up around the room
make a desk
sand and repaint my old surfboard with the youth group logo on it

april fools and the time change should be set farther apart

i had to preach on sunday which is not my favorite thing to do. throw in a time change and not a lot of sleep and i was due for something to happen. it did, i misread the clock and thought i had to stretch my time and ended up going 40 minutes instead of 25. hopefully that will get me out of preaching for a while.

in personal news...
i've started to feel a change the past few weeks. you know how in the rocky movies he takes a bunch of punches in the first few rounds, then just as you start to wonder how many more he could take the music starts to change and he starts fighting back? i feel like rocky starting to punch back. maybe it has something to do with the weather, maybe it's actually having things semi sorted out, but as of late i've felt really empowered. i got my taxes done, some paintings done, i'm spending my time the way i want to spend my time... pretty soon i think there's going to be a lot of energy to focus on the youth group again. that'll be good. be prepared for updates.

this is going to sound really cheesy, but i think myspace has kind of helped me out too. out of all of the friends i have on that list, i know at least two-thirds are pretty close friends that truly care about me and my ministry. it's really cool to be able to see how many people have been a part of my life, and how so many people have affected me in different ways. it's also cool to go back and reflect on different memories, from the el patioso crew to my first crush back in kindergarden, there's a lot of fond memories tied to scrolling through my friends list. it also serves as reminder to me of how many people i have the potential to have a positive impact on, which is always a good thing.

well, i think that's it for today. it's nice outside so i think i'm going to jam a little bit before roots tonight.

one love, one heart.

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