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so, i officially a calfornian now. i knew there was something missing in my life. i found out a few days ago that you are supposed to get a ca license within ten days of you moving here. so i was little off... there should be a packet provided for you when you move to a new state telling you all of these kinds of details, esp if your state has a smog check involved in the registering your vehicle process. i'd complain, but it's too nice outside to think about any negativity.
so the dmv yesterday was actually a pretty decent experience. i think i may be the first person that actually has a good story coming out of the dmv. the lady that helped me out let me skip the whole 'grab a number' process when i had to go home and get my passport for my new id. then, she let me skip in line to take my driver's test. couple of interesting observations: i was planning on studying for the test while i waited, so i was caught a little off guard when i was immediately given the test. i passed, barely, but i was really embarrassed that i had no clue on half of the questions. this is the first test i've taken for a grade in 18 months and i was a little out of practice. salgoode, i still got my license. so i go to hand my test back to the first lady, and she says i have to go over to this other desk. i walk over and there is this unreal hottie working behind the desk. i must have had my jaw on the floor, because the girl next to her started to chuckle. then i realized that the girl i was staring at was asking me for my test. i think my exact words were.' oh... i'm sorry, i was distracted'. smooth, real smooth. so we start up with the small talk, she asked me why i moved to simi etc... then somehow i blurt out something to the effect of i wish i had a reason to come back to the dmv. she smiles, blushes, then hands me my temporary id. then out of nowhere comes the line, "well, you know where i live, where i work and my phone number, if it's not against company policy it'd be cool if you took a look at that."

needless to say that probably qualifies as the cheesiest thing i've ever said to a girl. i'm not holding my breath for the phone to ring.

anyways, it feels good to be legal and all that stuff. and as my first official act as a californian, i propose that we divide the state in two. anything north of santa barbara county should be called southern oregon. i thought about northern and california as names, but i really don't want that whole jealousy thing like west virginia has for virginia. and northern california and southern california sounds like the two states might as well still be one, like north and south dakota. oh yeah, that's part of my proposal too, that north and south dakota become one state. all eight people that live there probably wouldn't mind, and we wouldn't have to change our flag again. or, if the flag thing is a big deal, we should let puerto rico to be state too. i think they actually have a vote in the house of reps already, and they have a lot of baseball players there too. that, and i'm sick of hawaii being the only island state in the union. they're getting pretentious about being the only island. i think we people of the continuous 48 states deserve another island vacation alternative than hawaii. this proposal makes the randy johnson trade to the yankees seem easy. i think it's worth it though. i'm tired of being from the same state that claims san francisco and berkeley home. i think it's good for them too. when people say they are going to visit california, they always come down here to disneyland, magic mountain, the beach, san diego, hollywood, or some other place that is always warm. if you say you are going to visit northern california, people kind of grunt and say that's cool, but secretly wonder why you wouldn't go to socal instead. if they were their own state, they could advertise their own attractions without having people disappointed by comparison. it's kind of like if you are going to visit texas, people kind of assume you are going to the dallas area. if you say no, i'm going to west texas, then people politely ask how far that is from dallas, because they know you would rather go there. sorry houston, it's true.
just a thought. if this blogging thing is actually as big as all of the magazines are saying it is, then maybe we can get a grassroots campaign going.

in other news, i've started the task of loading all of my cds on to my computer. this is taking forever. i'm at 3000+ songs so far, and that's just mostly christian music. yeah, they're going to have to a special ipod just for me. it's a lot of music i know, but i can turn on my random mixer and it's like hearing new music. i have my own radio station with mostly great taste.

this leads me to the other thing thats been on my mind. anyone who has ever been frustrated with a computer breaking down, having to restart when a program locks up, having to install printer stuff... needs to buy a mac. everything works. right out of the box. you plug in a printer, it works. wireless card, it works. i think i'm going to film my own switch commercial, edit it on my mac, and send it in to apple.

this time of year is always tough for me. we are still a couple months from baseball starting up, all of my teams are out of the nfl playoffs (seriously chargers, not going for it with three downs inside the 20 in overtime and then putting your fate in the foot of a rookie kicker...?) and i really could care less about basketball until march. espn is pointless right now. so while i sit in my sports drought for this time of year, i reflect on my teams that i'm passionate about.

houston astros: choked in the playoffs after adding clemens and beltran. beltran got sucked into the scott boras agency thing and went to the mets, clemens prob won't come back now, and biggio and bagwell are getting pretty up there in years. excitement level for next season C-

new york yankees: were a few outs away from annihilating the red sox to go to the series, then lose four in a row. heartbreaking. they made some sweet acquisitions this off season, most notably the big unit. unfortunately they've tapped out any farm potential for years down the road. so while the distant future is bleak the excitement level for next season B+

san diego chargers: went from worst to first with drew brees in the pocket. the new school marty ball even has me as a believer in the 3-4 defense. they even have a good team for years down the road with a bunch of no names that get the job done with 3 or 4 superstars to take the lead. too bad they choked in overtime against the jets. excitement for next season A-

usc trojans: not only did they win the championship outright this year, they dominated in every aspect of the game. and, they embarrassed ou in the championship to prove that the pac 10 does know how to play football. weakness of schedule nothing... NEXT! oh yeah, they're also picking up the top recruits from socal high schools including the number one high school qb in the nation. and, still haven't seen one of those unnecessary car flags with a trojan logo on it. excitement level for next year A+

well, it's back to planning stuff for the kiddos and rocking out while doing so.
one love, one heart.

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Carrie said...

I'm still hoping for the Astros to do it again this year.. who needs Beltran he wasn't that good until the playoffs anyway.